Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Recap

I think this sounded neat, and I truly enjoyed reading others' recaps! I read Tara's and loved it, so I hope you think the same about my recaps! I should have done it yesterday, but oh well. One new thing I'm doing as far as blogging goes....No Rules! Say what I want, when I wanna say it! So watch out! 
It goes like this: Take the first sentence from your first post from each month in the year 2009 and explain what each sentence was referring to.

January - Okay, so it's a new year.  Wow, at first when I reread those words, I thought, "I sound so not excited about the new year! But after reading the complete post, I realize that I totally agree with myself, one year later!

February - man o man!! It's been too long... Okay, so this one is cool....I read the whole post, and at the end, I read the comments...and this is THE post where TARA found me! Tara has a little boy named Andrew, that we agree, would be Little Man's great friend if we didn't live so stinkin' far apart! Little Man was born almost 8 weeks too early...his original due date is Andrew's actual birthday. :) I love that. They are both blonde, curly-heads, love their doggies, and tractors! I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Tara and her family, and we know that someday, we want to meet face to face! Here is Andrew...

And here is Little Man.....

March - Okay, so I watched The Bachelor last night, along with the After the Final Rose Show. I stuck to my word! I did NOT watch any other Bachelor or Bachelorette shows all year. I still totally agree with the things I wrote about how I manage my time, marriage, and reality tv shows. I think I did pretty good!

April - My first April blog. I MEANT to do an April's Fool blog, and tell you all some big silly lie, but I figured it would probably have only made me laugh, and not really anyone else! This post made me really laugh! I shared about how my Girly Girl is just a hoot!

May - Just wanted you to know that I really am a loser mom.  Oh boy.....This post was about how I locked Little Man in the van one day, and then on the same day, locked myself out of my house. It's actually

June - Today is my little sister's birthday.  Awww....I love her so much. She is now just one semester away from her nursing degree.

July - Don't you love Family? This post was about our big family reunion. I shared country pictures as well, and talked about family. My family is the most important thing to me, ever.

August - My baby turned 15 yesterday.... A tribute to my first born gift. Can't believe that this year, he'll be 16.

September - First Day of 5th and 10th grade! The summer had wound down, and school had begun. Lots of other things happening in our household that month too!

October - I'm heading to class in about 15 minutes, and can I just say YAY YAY YAY x's about 1,000,000,000?!  This post was simply about how sometimes I go a little crazy here. :) It was a much needed, time to vent post. Just a little piece of married life! HAPPILY married life, that is!

November - Today I cried. On this day, Mr. Smarty Pants had received his driver's permit. I was feeling a little sad! He's a great driver, takes it all very seriously! In only 7 months or so, he'll have his license, and it will be time for another I Cried AGAIN post.

December - Oh no! I've been hit! This was a fun Jib Jab that I did. I almost didn't post this one for December, but it is who I am! I love FUN!

It was quite a year! I really enjoyed my own trip just now, down blogger lane!


  1. So February it was. I couldn't remember and quite honestly, was too lazy to try and figure it out! They would totally be best buds...has moving to NC crossed your mind yet? :-) I know, I know! Great job and glad we found each other. Happy 2010, friend!

  2. Hi, Lisa. I enjoyed your post. I was inspired and went back and read mine, too. Maybe next year I will post something like that. This years' was too blah! BUT that is okay. 2010 is going to be better. I look forward to your blogs and what you have to say. Happy New Year!

  3. That was fun to travel down bloggers lane with you! I am praying that you and your family have a wonderfully blessed 2010.


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