Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I woke up....

Okay, so I watched The Bachelor last night, along with the After the Final Rose Show. I feel so many different things this morning! And that alone is really bothering me. That I got so wrapped up in their story, portrayed on TV, only allowing us to see approx. 47 minutes a week of what went on. Before 8pm, I was so excited...I was sure I had "picked" Jason's perfect wife, and was smiling and bouncing up and down when he did, most certainly, propose to Melissa! It was like she was my sister or something, and maybe I'd be the Matron of Honor. And then came the After the Final Rose Show...wow. Didn't see that coming. He dumped her! And then, like I turn channels on the tv, he just switched gears, and oh! I love Molly! I was soo mad. Mad at him, mad at that host, Chris, for sitting there, mad at ABC for allowing Melissa to get hurt like that, mad at Molly for making it too easy for Jason to get his way. And then I really got M A D....mad at MYSELF for feeling all those emotions over a tv show!! Sure, reality, and I do believe it was real, not staged. I think. But wow, all those hours I wasted, watching just a small fraction of those people's lives each Monday night, could have been spent so much smarter. I have class on Tuesday nights, and one Tuesday morning not too long ago, I got so frustrated with Little Man for not "allowing" mommy to study while he just plays quietly...for 2 hours! I could have been all done studying, if I had not been watching Jason making out with one, no two, no, THREE different girls in a hot tub, the night before. And then there were those nights when after The Bachelor, I was too tired to open my Bible and read my Bedtime Story (God's word for me, each night!). Even in my blog yesterday, the Not Me! Monday blog, I wrote about how I had told my family not to bother me during the Bachelor. What?! This show is a reality show, but what it did for me was give me a reality check. What did I gain from watching that show? How did I feel about all involved, including myself, when it was over? What had I lost while watching? So much. So anyway, I am now boycotting all future Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, and will also take a good hard look at what else I watch, how much time this reality show junkie spends each week in front of the boob tube. I also just wanted to say that I am so thankful for being able to fall in love with my wonderful husband BY MYSELF, with no help from anyone, except my God, who led me to the DiSH, almost 18 years ago now! Marriage is so sacred, as is the whole relationship leading up to it. Melissa said last night, that Jason has taken from her that one time engagement time with her future husband, and she's right. I bet that girl just wishes she had never signed up for The Bachelor. At least I hope! I'll throw up if I see her on some future show, still searching for Mr. Right. Oh wait, how will I know though, if she does? I'm NOT watching anymore! If you did not watch the Bachelor at all, then kudos to you. If you did, what do YOU think? Am I way off course? Am I just a big emotional sap, that takes things way too seriously? Or do you agree at all?
Okay, I'm off to play with Little Man now, and also look more closely at McMama's pictures to try and figure out how she captures the moment so well!! I think I need a new camera.... Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I hadn't watched any of The Bachelor this season, but somehow me AND Mike watched the "After The Final Rose" special. I felt a lot like you. We don't watch a lot of tv , but sometimes I get disgusted at how I waste my time. Just one more reason that I'm taking myself off of the computer for a few days.

  2. Well, of course, I watched it along with the rest of the women of America. Seems though I am the only one not upset with Jason. He was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and explained that he HAD (contract requirement, I guess) to talk about the good or bad either way on the After the Rose show. I don't like how it turned out for Melissa because I was rooting for her BUT....why should Jason stay with someone who he isn't compatible only to end up in another failed marriage. I think America has enough people not taking marriage seriously and ending in divorce. It's better to cut the losses now if he knows it isn't for him than to lead her on, plan the wedding and snip....right before they walk down the aisle. And, remember he does have a huge stake in the matter because afterall, he is the one with a son to think about also.

    Granted, it was not pleasant for either of them doing it on national tv but hello, that is what they both signed up for and they know the risks of doing it. I still feel bad for Melissa but that's how the cookie crumbles. I wish Jason and Molly hadn't jumped right into making out after he just ditched Melissa. And, on Kimmel, Jason did say he and Melissa were not together prior to the After the Rose show and she knew what was coming.

    Well, I basically just wrote my blog right here!

  3. Thanks Tara, for sharing, and for pretty much blogging on my page! :) I watched the Kimmel spot this morning, on a youtube clip. A few things made a bit more sense, and I didn't feel so mad. But I think what I was really getting at more, in my blog, was my position in general, when it comes to where I am in my reality tv life, vs. my priorties, aka, my family, my own study time, things like that. I guess I just sorta took out my anger? on the Bachelor!! I hope that Jason is happy, that Melissa is doing well, and that Molly is being smart. And of course Ty, he was so adorable. :)


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