Friday, May 1, 2009

Not Once, But TWICE.....

Just wanted you to know that I really am a loser mom. I'm serious. Or at least it feels that way! Weird things happen to my brain right before Aunt Flo visits. So you know how yesterday I locked my dear precious, does no wrong, sweet baby boy in the van WITH the keys? Scroll down a post to read it if you didn't yet. When I arrived home from my oh-so-draining mini-trip, the Little Man was sound asleep in his carseat. Yeah, I know, I didn't sell it. I think all the adventure had pooped him out. Anyway, when I realized he wasn't going to wake up when the car stopped moving, I decided to leave the engine running with the AC on for just a few minutes, while I emptied out the groceries, taking them into the house. I know what you're thinking....don't worry, no need to say Oh No, she didn't. I didn't. I opened WIDE, the driver's side window BEFORE shutting doors! But, first I removed the house key from the keys in the ignition. I needed to get into the house, right? Everything went smoothly. About 20 minutes later, Little Man woke up, I retrieved him, smiling to myself at my "thinking-ahead" skills, the window down and all! A few hours passed, and then it was time to go pick up Girly Girl from school. Mr. Smarty Pants had walked home early, having a terrible stomach ache (found out it was because he ate 10 mini-pizzas [the English muffin kind] at lunch, and then played a rough game of football). As soon as we got into the van, turned the CAR KEY, I started laughing. Like this really "okay, mom's gone crazy" kind of laugh. Mr. S.P. just looked at me like, What is so funny mom? I just kept laughing! Have you figured it out yet? A hint: I had the CAR KEY with me....but remember that HOUSE KEY that I had removed? Crap! It sat on the kitchen table, behind a locked front door!! I could NOT believe it. How?? How, I ask, did I do this TWICE in one day! Sorry for all of my big capital words, but when I have the need to express EXACTLY how I was feeling, the words get BIG! Mr. Smarty Pants then lived up to his blog alter-ego, and noticed that one of the kitchen windows was not locked. He opened it easily, and climbed through. I tried to swear him to secrecy, didn't want my DiSH to know what I had done, AGAIN! But nope. Guess what MOM did?! hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah!!!!! Whatever. :)

I went to Walmart again today (forgot some stuff yesterday), and NEVER let my keys leave my hand or my jeans pocket. Which was very uncomfortable, keys stuffed into front pocket of jeans....

Off to get ready to go camping the woods with my son's church youth group. Little Man and Daddy are spending some quality time together, while I take the older two with me. I need the time, am looking forward to it. It's only 1 minute away, literally, in the school's back yard! That's good, because I'll take an extra house key and am close by, you know, in case the DiSH does something crazy like lock himself out. Sheeeeeezzz.......THAT would be DUMB!!! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. You NEED a hide a key...or two!

  2. Hah!! Yes Jamie, I know. :) Going to work on that next week!

  3. Hi Lisa!
    Haven't had much time to write lately, I'm in Myrtle Beach with my folks. But I wanted to say thank you for the thoughtful reply to my post about USA. It helped put things in perspective.
    You're Twittering now?!?! How am I always the last one to get in on new trends? Sigh.
    Tell Andy I said "hi"!

  4. The nice thing about being in the Insane, Delirious Mommy Club is that you're NOT THE ONLY MEMBER! :)


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