Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Subbing for a Living

Now that Caleb is in school as opposed to being home-schooled (which I miss terribly), I am helping bring in the green stuff by doing some substitute teaching. It has been an eye opener, to say the least. Having gone to a small Christian school all of my life, and now sending my own children to the same school, public schools have always been a mystery to me. Until this year. I am subbing in grades 1-6, wherever I am needed. Sometimes its as an Ed Tech, sometimes in the Resource Room. I've taught Gym, Music, and Homerooms. Today I played the part of Art teacher! I taught the same class, six times. It was great fun.  The art lesson was called "Alphabet Soup". The kids had to draw all 26 letters on a piece of paper, connecting them, making them big or small, creating shapes, spaces, etc. that they would then color in. After seeing approx 80 kids come through the door today, I was very impressed with some of the art! Hidden letters, names, and themes began to take over. It was really fun. Next week I am going to sub for a music teacher at a 1-3 grade school. That should be lots of fun too! I love kids. I love teaching them, interacting with them, getting to know them. When I left the classroom at the end of the day, I was walking through the hall of many little faces, when a child that I taught last week in a sixth grade homeroom smiled at me, and said "Hi Mrs. Chase!" I was surprised he remembered me, and even more surprised that I remembered him! Each teacher really does only have a short time in a child's life to make a difference. I want to be the substitute teacher that kids say when they are older, "I remember a sub that I LOVED! She was AWESOME, and so fun!" If you are or ever have been, a substitute teacher, what do you like about it? What sticks out as a memorable moment? I hope I have many positive moments in my subbing future!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Thinking of What to Say

Good Morning. :) I hope you are having a great morning, wherever you are. Or afternoon, or evening! I am trying. I am alone today, husband working, kids at school. And its a Monday. I have been doing some substitute teaching this year, but it's been really slow. So all last week I was home alone. It's not a bad thing, but I feel bad. I guess because my hubby works so hard. So I make sure that here at home the chores get done, great meals get made, and I don't sit and watch tv all day. :) I like being home. I really do. I want to stay here all of the time, but I need to make money! I'm thinking I'll ask around, and see if anyone is looking for a babysitter. Someone that would bring their child to me. If I just had like two kids everyday, that would be great. So we'll see.
So far this morning I haven't been too productive! I spent probably a half an hour watching the birds. Literally. Its become a hobby of mine and Andy's, and this morning the birds were busy. Our favorites, the red cardinal visited the feeder, and brought his wife along. The chickadees were plentiful, and even a new bird I hadn't seen before. I think it's a grey jay. Very cute! After that, I spent some time going through some boxes in my basement, looking for a book I thought I had. At church, our small group is studying the book of John. I was sure I had a study guide type book that would go along with the study, but I couldn't find it. Meanwhile though, I came across some other books that I want to read or reread! Next on  my list is to get the one load of laundry that I need to do going, and then I'm going to try and make homemade granola bars. Hopefully that goes well.
January is almost half over, and I am so glad. I hate January and February. Cold, grey, long, boring months. These are the months I wish I could go live in Florida. I have friends and relatives there that are commenting on how its 82 degrees today. No fair.
This was a boring post. Later I may post again, about the trials of a very stubborn seven-year-old little boy! We'll see. Have a great day!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting Into the Groove of Things

Wow! Just spent two hours redesigning my blog page! It'll do for now. :) I also spent some time reading some of my past posts. I cried. Time flies so fast! The little preemie is now 7! His birthday was just before Christmas. He's in first grade, and just loves life! He is a clone of my oldest son which is soo awesome. When we found out we were pregnant again, I just couldn't figure out why!! haha! Then a few years went by, and one day, my oldest went and did the meanest thing ever to a mom...he MOVED OUT. How dare he?! Twenty years old, and decides he'd like to live on his own...a whole three miles across town! Anyway, I hated him moving out, hated him not being here, cried, mourned his absence. Really, I did. I still do, and it's been a year and a half. Well, one day I realized that my youngest son was an almost exact copy of my oldest! Their interests, words, laugh, mannerisms, you name it. And it clicked. This is why Little Man was born! Because God knew that one day, Mr. Smarty Pants would move out, and I would not handle it so well. Now I am lucky enough to have a grown son, who is so smart, making great life decisions, staying focused, and then I have a little guy, who on the days I miss the big one sooo much, does something that reminds me of his big brother. :) Thank you God! And of course, in the middle of all that brother/son drama, is my beautiful beauty, Girly Girl. She just turned 16! Oh man. I don't know what I'll do when she moves three miles across town (!), because there is no little baby girl clone, and there isn't going to be one! Unless...I am a grandma by then, and Mr. Smarty Pants has a GIRL!! Oh my. I think its time to go to bed. Thanks for reading! Hope you come back again!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I am Second® - Scott Hamilton

So, like I said earlier, I haven't posted in over 3 years. But I have plans to post regularly! I love blogging. If you're reading this, thank you!

Below is a great video by Scott Hamilton. Its 3 years old, but very inspirational none the less. Please watch it. You won't regret it.

Have a great night wherever you may be!

I've Been MIA, for No Darn Good Reason...

Guys. You probably don't even remember me. ;( I haven't posted on this blog in over 3 years! This post is simply a "try it out" to see if I even still remember. Blogger has changed a bit! I want to start blogging again. And I have a lot of catching up to do! See you soon...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monkeying Around...

My house is often a zoo, so while browsing new blog background ideas, I came across this one. I don't know how long it will stick...probably until I want a Christmas background. But for now, it fits. I thought about changing the name of my blog, but it's been I'm At Home for 3 years now, so why mess with a good thing?!

What are you doing today?

I have listened to The Isaacs and to Laura Story while I clean the kitchen; I played a nice round of Break The Ice with Little Man...we each one two games. I am about to put chicken, 2 cans of creamy chicken soup, carrots and some ranch dressing in the crock pot for supper. I'm not sure if we'll eat it over rice or pasta. And I may go buy some peas to put in there too.

I need a new camera. Mine does not like any battery that I put into it, saying the batteries have died. I hope I get one for Christmas! I'm a little sick to my stomach, thinking about how I may not have a camera to take pictures of Little Man's birthday, Girly Girl's birthday, and Christmas. They all fall within 5 days of each other! It can't happen. Time to go camera shopping I guess. I don' have money to be picky, so we shall see....any suggestions?

Happy November!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Face Painting X's 2

I thought that for a post today I would simply share one of my reflections from one of my classes that I am taking in Early Childhood Education. I have to spend time after each day spent in the preschool classroom, writing my thoughts into a reflection paper. Following is two different experiences, but on the same day, in the same classroom, with the same materials. Tell me what you think!!

 Face-painting. Morning Session. Take One.
Circle ends smoothly with no announcements of what will be happening. Today is pajama day and the teacher and the assistant fit right in, in their fun slumber attire. Children are choosing within the classroom what they want to do for activity time. Some stay at the block area, some move to Housekeeping. A few decide to do puzzles. The teacher hands me a bucket filled with paint brushes and face paint. I go wordlessly to one table, and she to another. We don't even talk about the process. Within a few minutes, we each have 1-2 students standing near, asking what we are doing. I tell the first little girl, face-painting! She smiles big and asks if she can go first. Her friend quickly says, “I'm after her.” I ask the first girl what she would like me to paint on her face and with what color/s. She chooses a star, a heart, and a pumpkin. On each cheek, I paint a pink heart, black star and a blue pumpkin. Her friend says, “Wow! Cool! Is it my turn?” The second girl sits down and asks to be a kitty. She chooses colors, and as I paint, I ask her if she has any cats. The answer is yes, and we talk about what they look like and what colors they are. I don't worry when she moves her head around a lot, instead using the “mistakes” as whiskers. The teacher, at her table, seems to be having the same experiences. We joke about who can paint spiders better, and the children join in, judging our attempts. No one is crying, the children are figuring out all on there own where the “line” is for who's next, and they talk amongst themselves about what has been painted, and what they want on their face. One little boy tells the assistant when she asks, that he doesn't want to do it. She tells him he doesn't have to, but if he changed his mind, what did he suppose he'd have painted on his face? She prods him along, asking him if he likes spiders...nope. What about a dog face? Nope. Then she says, “what do you like?” He replies with “alligators”. She then says, “I bet if you ask Lisa or teacher, they could paint a great alligator.” He smiles real big, and is soon next to me, quiet. I say, “hi T! Are you going to have a turn?” He answers quietly with yes. Without putting him on the spot by looking right at him, I ask while I'm still painting on a child's face, “did you think about what you would like?” he then says “alligator.” I pause for a second, and then get real animated with my face, but not directly at him, as I say, “an alligator?! I never would have thought of that!” he continues smiling, now ready for his turn. As I begin painting his red alligator, I talk about what alligators look like, and ask simple questions about their teeth, or tail. He gives me one-word answers, and before we know it, I'm done. I tell him quietly, so as not to draw unwanted attention to him, to go look in the mirror. He does, alone. I watch from a distance. His smile grows even bigger. His friends ask him what he has on his face and he says with pride and with a strong voice, “A Alligator.” We share a special look, and I feel my heart filling with a new bond I have begun with T!!

Face-painting. Afternoon Session. Take Two.
We are all at circle. The teacher puts on Clifford on a special-once-in-a-while TV time. The children are told to sit quietly. She gets up and goes to the table. After arranging her paints and brushes and also telling 3 children that have followed her to see what she's doing to go sit back down quietly, she picks one child to come with her. The only thing you hear in the room is Clifford jumping in a pile of leaves. What I wouldn't give to jump in too. The child gets to pick one thing to have painted, and on one cheek. It takes 3 minutes. He sits back down, and she takes child #2. One choice, one cheek. 3 minutes. This continues for the next 3 children. There is one little girl, H, that wants her turn so badly. She is sitting quiet, craning her neck to see the table, see the teacher, see the painting. She has no desire to watch Clifford who is now blowing leaves in a pile for Emily Elizabeth to jump into. Even Clifford is in tune to a child's needs. Finally, after all 9 classmates are done, the teacher picks H, who without a doubt, is the most into this activity. She is the only girl present today. Duh. She sits down after 27 minutes of waiting her turn, and she just can't decide what she wants. The teacher says, “hurry, we need to be done.” It is then that I realize face-painting and Clifford are supposed to end at the very same time. Hmm. You can see the pressure H is feeling, and she finally says, “A princess.” This is not a surprise, as H always picks out Disney princess books at library time. The teacher says, “I can't do a princess on your face, but I can on your hand.” H looks at her hand, not responding. “Quick,” the teacher says, is that what you would like? H just nods, and watches as a princess takes form on her hand. She is proud, but satisfied? I doubt it.

Same day, same activity. Two completely different experiences. I loved the chance to see both, but not at the expense of 10 children who had no opportunity to express creativity!!! I would have loved to allow the children to paint each others' faces as well. Or even my face. I bet the morning teacher would have done this, but it was lunch time, and even then, it was late!  


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