Thursday, September 3, 2009

My At Home Happenins'

First Day of 5th and 10th grade!She wasn't so thrilled with me and the camera...sorry, a little blurry. Can't believe how big he is...

  • Girly Girl LOVES fifth grade.
  • Mr. Smarty Pants sprained his ankle playing soccer on the second day of school.
  • Little Man is slowly adjusting to big sister and big brother being gone all day long.
  • The DiSH put the custom made (he did them) doors on the new shed.
  • Mr. Smarty Pants' mouth hurts as well....the orthodontist is getting very aggresive in his mouth.
  • Girly Girl talks on the phone after school to her friend that she JUST saw all day, and this is new for me.
  • I am loving Anatomy & Physiology...learning all sorts of neat things! Just wish we didn't have to talk about evolution.....I wanna shout "How Amazing Is Our God!"...!!
  • I repainted the worship room at my kids' school, and today am making the curtains for the windows.
  • The DiSH is white-water rafting today with a friend that is getting married this weekend. Lord, keep him safe!
  • I twisted my knee the other day, and could hardly stand on it last night. Thankfully, it feels a TON better today.
  • I picked a cuke from my garden, and I'm going to eat the whole thing and NOT share. Yummmm.
  • I'm praying this week that God sells our 3rd car that we don't need anymore since the DiSH bought his small pickup. We need the money to pay the mortgage.
  • Little Man finally slept better last night after nights and nights of I swear, toddler insomnia!
  • I enjoyed a Coolatta from Dunkin' Donuts yesterday. Mmmm.
  • I'm going on a "date" with my man on a wedding. Six or seven hours of just US. The DiSH gets mushy too, at weddings!!   <3
  • Learning to forgive....and learning who your real friends really are.
My babe...


  1. We are going on our first date since February this upcoming Saturday night!

  2. Sounds like you're busy! We're hoping for a date soon...I think it's been 10 months!


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