Monday, November 2, 2009

I Cried

Today I cried.

I really cried.

Like, sobbing, snot-nosed, red-eyed blubbering cry.

Just when I thought I was done...

I was not.

It started all over again.

My face felt all sticky, and stiff.

My nose felt so big.

And my eyes...

They were hurting me.

And then he exited the building.

He held in his hand a small white piece of paper.

His face held the biggest smile ever.

He passed.

His score: 96.

I sat up straight, and took a deep breath.

It's time.

I wiped my face one last time, and opened the door.

He held out his empty hand.

Still, with the big smile.

Okay, here goes nothin'.

I dropped the keys into his hand and walked to the other side of the van.

My "baby" had just successfully completed his driver's permit test.

He had joined the club.

He's one of us.

He drives now.

As we drove the 1/2 mile home, in that 1 minute, he told me the van pulls to the right, my seat is too high, all of the mirrors need to be adjusted, and the breaks are touchy.

It's okay.

He's my baby.


Mr. Smarty Pants drives.

And my tears should be on hold for a while.

At least until next August.

When he goes for his license.


I will cry again.


  1. Oh you made me cry...I know I will be a mess when my kids reach such milestones because I tear up over every single one they reach now! Just thinking about it brings tears. Wow. Good luck with the driving thing...I would be a nervous wreck, I'm an admitted back seat driver though. :)

  2. Uh oh... something must be wrong with me! I've had TWO take that test and pass that test and it never occurred to me to cry.

    Hmmmm, hard-hearted Mom that I am was actually glad they'd finally be able to help CART SIBLINGS AROUND for me! ha ha ha

    PS - Thanks for stopping by today and always, Lisa! -- {{HUGS}}

  3. Dear God,'ve got me crying! Firstborn will be 14 this month and he can't wait to turn 15 and drive. Sigh...another season of growing pains...for the moms (smile). Hugs to you for sharing this!

  4. Hi, Lisa~

    I didn't cry either when my girls got their permits, but I balled like a baby when I got my first insurance bill after we had them put on! :> 0 lol


  5. No tears for me a couple of months ago when Josiah got his permit. But, I would have to say that I came close to crying in fear today when he was driving across the bridge in 5:00 traffic with me in the passenger seat. Oh dear Lord, help me!!! :) And Help Lisa too!!! :)


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