Monday, December 6, 2010

Dedicated to T and J

Oh, looky looky! What came in the mail today?!

Christmas Cards!!
But wait....
What's this?? I received them on December 6??
The Postal Service stepped up! 
Mail delivery here in Central Maine doesn't usually make it for, I don't know, 30 days or so after sent date! We are soooo far North, that this is amazing!!!
So yeah, the above is an inside joke. :) I have some silly blogger friends out there that deserve it. :) I love them though. And they know it!
So it's a GREAT day in the world of Lisa today. Beautiful Christmas cards are beginning to arrive in the mail now, and I even save envelopes when there is little girl signatures on them! I crammed last night for a big project that was due tonight in class, but it SNOWED here in Almost North Poleville, and class was canceled!! Can I get a big WOOT?! Oh yeah! School was canceled for the kiddos too, which is a double awesome thing because that is where I work 3 hours each morning! So work was canceled too. My hubby is working on an extra side carpentry job right now, making some Christmas money I think. He will be home tonight, so I am going to make a nice big family supper. We don't get the whole family around the supper table that often anymore, with his work schedule, my class schedule, Mr. Smarty Pant's life of friends', and so on. So when I know we will all be home, I try and make sure we get that family time around the table. After that, it will soon be Little Man's bedtime, and then I'm thinking Andy and I will do some Christmas shopping at Amazon from the comfort of our couch. :) We also have a movie to watch, because Netflix was awesome and got our next pick here in record time. So it's a great day!  


  1.'re so sweet!! Your card was the one that went the greatest distance this year.
    T & I are fast!!

  2. Pure craziness! Last year it took like two weeks to get there. Glad we could be a part of making your day happy!

  3. So awesome. I too, received 2 cards today. One from the lovely T and from another bloggy friend. Awesome. I love your pictures and so cool about the unexpected day off. Wish we could get some snow!!

  4. Hi, Lisa~

    I received two cards last week already, which is unheard of here as well. For my birthday one year, it took three months for the card my Aunt D. sent to arrive, and she only lives two miles away! lol

    Have a great week!



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