Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Life a Little Easier with Shutterfly

Ahhh!!! I can breathe. All of my huge projects for school are done. The Christmas program for the kids is done. Now it is time to do the other 60,000 things I need to do before the 25th! I still have to work each day (I poo poo on working), but at least when I am done, I can come home and clean my house (which has been poorly neglected), plan two birthday parties, finish Christmas shopping, wrap everything, and just enjoy this season! We don't even have our Christmas tree up daughter is not happy about that. But there has just not been any time. We are supposed to get it today, but it is so wet outside, I don't know! I don't want to bring in a wet Christmas tree. So I know she is praying that at 3pm, the trees all magically dry. :)
I am now going to share some information with you about Shutterfly Christmas cards. I have not done my Christmas cards yet, believe it or not, but who says that receiving a Christmas card as late as December 24 is a bad thing?! I may not be first, but getting mine last means my card will leave the last impression! ha! I'll say anything to make myself feel better. :) Anyway, today is the deadline date to blog about a few of my favorite options available with Shutterfly, in order to receive my free cards. I like free things.
On my agenda today is doing this post, and then working on my Christmas card over at Shutterfly. I have used Shutterfly for a long time, getting prints, creating photo books, and doing other special things. Calendars are something I love too and have done for grandparents. I used Thank You Cards after Little Man was born, and loved the personal touch. But I am most excited to create my Holiday Cards with  Shutterfly.
I took my kids outside a few weeks ago and made them pose for my card! I can't wait to see how it turns out. When I am done, I will share it here!
Now I am off  to clean the bathroom, do the dishes, tackle the mountain of laundry....................see you soon!


  1. Things are incredibly busy here too!

  2. Seems there is always busyness around the holidays esp. Christmas. I (Dwight) finished Andrew's shopping but nothing else has been purchased. Too bad I'm not the same kind of shopper as I am Christmas card sender ;-)


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