Friday, November 12, 2010

Carry Me Lord...

I need God today. I need Him everyday, but today I really need Him to be present in my every word, action, and thought. I'm reorganizing and cleaning out. My head and heart that is. I feel so many things right now. Some good things, some not so good things. I am praying for understanding and peace. I am praying that He will help me be the best person I can be. The best friend, mother, daughter, sister, wife. And wife is not last, by all means. I feel betrayed, I have betrayed. I feel alone, I have shunned others. I don't feel worthy. Life is hard. It's not all a bed of roses.

I am so thankful for my God. When I hurt, I know He hurts ten times worse. When I cry tears of pain, I know He cries with me. When I want someone to realize how much I love them and want them to love me back, I can't fathom it, but I know He loves me that way, and wants me to love Him back like that, but millions times more!! When I desire obedience, honesty, and faithfulness, I think about how He does too...

I want to live my life with God visible in every action I take, every word I say, every thought I think. I want to feel that through life's trials, He is walking beside me, holding my hand. He will never leave me, no matter how awful I am. He loves me no matter how mean-spirited I can be. He will comfort me when I simply cry out His Name.

I need God today. And I have Him.


  1. I've been praying that I would be a better and more patient mother and wife. I'm letting things that don't really matter get to me way to easy.

    Have you entered my CSN Stores giveaway yet??

  2. When we call on God and tell him G-I-N-Y (God, I need You) He responds with G-I-N-Y (Grace Is Now Yours)

    Praying for you today, my friend! I am feeling the exact same way. Just coming off a "revival high" at our church. much I need/want to change in my life!

    Conviction is a good thing! :> )


  3. I have been awful at times and have been called mean lately. Oh my, how disappointed I am in myself. I'm sure he is disappointed in me too yet I know he loves me not matter how terrible I act. That is comforting.

  4. Thank you for the sweet reminder about His Grace....yes you have him. (((HUGS))) and prayers for the way, love the new blog look and width!! :)

  5. Mmmmm....this is really good word today! Sweet Jesus!

  6. Beautifully written. Truly inspired to keep the Lord in mind with me today as well, in every thought, word, and action. Thank you for writing this post =) You never know who you might be touching with your words...


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