Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Progress Makes Me Giddy (and bad...hehe)

There is a carpenter in my basement. He whistles while he works. And he's free. But the best part? He's reeeaallly good eye candy. :) I think I'll ask him to stay for supper, and maybe even see if he wants to stay with the kids while I go to class. I might even get bold and ask him to spend the night!! My residential-counselor husband by night still wears his hammer-swingin', wood-sawing, nail-poundin' hard hat during the day, and I just love it when he does! Manual labor is just so manly. :) Can you tell I'm in love?!

Okay, enough with the sillies. For now.

Progress is being made on the new basement room for Mr. Smarty Pants. I told Andy that ALL I want for Christmas is for Mr. SP to be downstairs so that we can get busy on Little Man's new room, Mr. SP's old room. For those that don't know, Little Man has been in our bed/room every night since February of this year. He had been really sick, and I was trying to go to class, do all the home stuff, and be up all night, night after night, with a sick baby. One night I plunked him into our king-size, desperate for more than 15 minutes of zzzz's at a time. We have never looked back. Well, not really true, but you get what I mean. In April, we turned what WAS LM's room into a laundry room. Yes Tara, I know, still haven't posted pics. I'll get on it, I promise! :) Since then, all of LM's toys are in the living room and in boxes stored away. The plan was to get the downstairs room built quickly and get LM into Mr. SP's room. But no paycheck for 5 months put a damper on that plan for a bit. Things have picked up, and thankfully we are back on track. The stud walls are up and today the electrical work is being done. Next is insulating and then dry wall. Slap on some paint after that, and we are good to go! The room is going to be H.U.G.E. The dimensions are 14' X 17'. Lucky Mr. SP! (I have NOT forgotten that in a matter of 3 years or so, the room will be MINE! hahaahaahaa)

After Mr. Smarty Pants is downstairs, I am going to paint LM's room, make new curtains and get him moved in. ALL of his toys will be put away for once. The laundry room closet, which still holds his clothes, will finally be empty so I can use it for towels, linens, etc. The now linen/towel closet will be for dvd's, my ever-growing pile of books, and video game stuff. I can't WAIT for things to be better organized in this little tiny small mini house that I live in. Ever since LM has been born, nothing has been like I want it. Just no room. Until now. Well, almost now.

So please pray with me that the carpenter that is hammering away downstairs right now, stays a while!!! Should I offer him some "extra services" on the side?! Ooo lala!!! I never said I was a "good" girl. :)


  1. You are so bad!!
    Can't wait to see pictures of all of the rooms when they are completed.

  2. LOL well I'm not sure I sure have read this post. I felt like I was interfering. You just offer him whatever you want :-)

    I didn't forget the pictures but assumed either I missed them or you were too busy.

  3. LOL I laughed most of the way through this post. Hubba Hubba, let the man work! lol~ So glad progress is being made and it sounds like it is going to be an awesome space!


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