Friday, October 1, 2010

Out of the Mouth of My Little Babe

Little Man has been full of such cute little sayings lately. And I absolutely love to engage him in conversations, and listen to his stories! Here are a few of my favorites this week:

**I told Little Man he couldn't play with his toys while eating supper. It has always been a rule of mine. Leave your toys in a special spot, and after dinner, you may have them again. The other night, Little Man says, "I have these toys!" I said, "no, go put them down" and did not look to see what toys he had. It was quiet a second, and then he said, "they are my finger toys!" I then looked, and he was holding up his "peace" fingers!! I laughed and asked him how does he play with his "finger toys". He then made them walk around and talk in a small, high little voice! He told me "they" were both named Bob! Remember the Bob the Butterfly story? Read it here! I wonder what it is with the name Bob?!

**Little Man loves to play with Daddy's Ipod. I am not the one that lets him, it's Daddy. But Little Man is not allowed to play with it when he doesn't have help. The other day he asked me if he could play with it. I told him that Daddy had taken it to work with him. Little Man then told me this: "I am going to ride my firetruck (a small riding toy he rides in the house) to daddy's work, get the Ipod and then come back!" He went and found his firetruck, went to the door and asked me to open it for him! I told him it was a very long way, and it was going to be dark soon and what would he do in the dark? He said, "I will be lost!"

**Each night when I lay down with Little Man and wait for him to fall asleep while I hold his hand and pray for him, we have a little ritual of night time sayings. First I say Good-night, and then he says good-night. I then say Sleep tight, and then he says Sleep tight. And then I would say I Love You, and he would say I Love You Too. Recently, he switched things up. He now says "good night tight mama" and so I say "good night sweet boy". And the next thing he says is "I love you too". It's so cute, because I haven't said "I love you" yet!!

Those are three of my favorites!!

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