Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SICK and tired.

I have been MIA for 11 days. Man, don't blog for a day or two, and before you know it, it's half a month! I hab a code. Did you get that? "I have a cold." The horrible germy bug hit our house almost two weeks ago. Hmmm...maybe now I am seeing the reason why I have not blogged. Wiping noses, rocking a baby all night that cannot breathe, out shopping stocking up on cough drops, tissues and OJ, have all kept me quite busy. I don't think all three kids have ever been sick at the same time, and this time, they were. Mr. Smarty Pants takes care of himself, but I'll never stop being concerned and try and make him go to bed early, don't eat sugar, and take tissues in your pocket! Girly Girl....man, I love her, but she's my complainer/whiner. And when she's sick?? Watch out. She can't STAND having a sore throat, and when she does, it's all I hear about. She did a home-remedy on herself that she learned in school once: honey and lemon juice. She was fine for a day with that. Little Man has been the worst. He will not and cannot blow his nose. I have been trying to teach him how for over a week. When I say "blow out your nose" he snuffs it all up instead. I told him to breathe through his nose...he blows out his mouth, but then breathes UP his nose. His nose has not been that runny because he is ALWAYS snuffing it back up. I did some research online, trying to find out if it was a bad thing to not blow your nose. To my relief, I read many articles that said blowing your nose is sometimes more dangerous than not. Little Man must've read those articles too or something, because he was an expert at not letting any snot out of his nose. I held him down one night, got out the old booger-sucker, and made him scream while I tried to unplug him for a bit. Of course, all the crying just made him more stuffed up. Last night was the first night since last Wednesday that he went to sleep easily, being able to breathe. There are still some boogers in his nose that I think are there for life. He won't even pick his nose! When I went to class the other night, I told Andy if Little Man picked his nose, it was OKAY. Just let him, and then offer him a tissue when he's done. Never thought I'd say "go ahead, pick your nose!" Anyway, all three kids are definitely on the top of the upside of this wretched cold. Which is good, because now that I feel like crap, at least I don't have to lose sleep over being too concerned for them. No, I'll just lose sleep because I CAN'T sleep. My head throbs. My throat has a little fire going on in there. And my nose is only 50% working. The right side is taking a long nap.
On a more cheerful note, everyday life is pretty good! Mr. Smarty Pants is going on a three-day History class trip tomorrow. They will be packing a lot in in just three days, so I am glad he is over being sick. He won't get much sleep. They will be stopping at a few attractions in Southern Maine, and then one in New Hampshire, then on to Boston and then to Newport, RI where they will tour one Newport Mansion. I am so jealous. But very happy for him! Girly Girl is doing great as well. Home school is a little more challenging than I bargained for, and she and I are learning different ways to do things, and always coming up with new ideas of what to study. She begins piano lessons in a few weeks, and is SO excited. I am so happy for her. School for myself is going good. I am taking three classes, and each one has a lot of homework, so I have to make myself leave Facebook alone and hit the books! Andy is doing well too. Not much new with him.
I must go for now, Cat In The Hat is over, and the tv is going OFF. Too much time in front of the boob tube lately, with Little Man being sick and all. He's beginning to be a little tv junkie. Not good.
I hope you all are doing well as we enter into fall, and get ready for another winter! This will be my 3rd winter as a blogger, and I sure do enjoy reading about how all of you are doing with your families! Drop me a comment, let me know if I bore you to death!!


  1. I am so sorry about the colds. We have some major ragweed issues going on here. I had to laugh when you were telling about Caleb not blowing his nose. I guess we don't really think of how confusing that may be haha. I am glad your classes are going great too. I have missed you. Blaze is a tv junkie only in the mornings really. Probably because I don't do mornings well. But he is active and plays and uses his imagination so I am not worrying about it.

  2. Ellie has been VERY snotty for the past week. Luckily, the rest of us are healthy. Usually I'm sick at the same time as both of the girls, so I consider myself lucky this time. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Poor you! Oh my goodness, I was hoping you had gone on a wonderful, luxurious vacation somewhere ;) I hope you all feel much better soon! Missed you!


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