Thursday, June 17, 2010

Proud and Busy

I have the smartest sister in the world. Don't tell my other sister. She's pretty smart too. But my baby baby sister (the other sister is my baby sister) had a rough few days, and today it ended delightfully. She PASSED her Maine state boards, and is now officially, a Registered Nurse.
As we say here in Maine, "She's so wicked smaht". Okay, I don't talk like that, but those that are not from here may think I sound like that!
In other news, Mr. Smarty Pants (I just have such a smart family) is working his second night at his job finally. He got the job in April, but they wanted to wait until school was out before he began. He loves it! He said that the owner gave him a box of cones, and a bucket and stood him in front of the soft serve ice cream, showed him a few times how to get the perfect cone, and then left him to practice. "Mom! It's harder than it looks!" I am so proud.
Girly Girl is at a friend's house tonight, her BFF. Tomorrow they are going to a water park with the other girl's family. She was soooo excited. I hope she doesn't get burnt!
Little Man is soo into yogurt lately, it's all he wants to eat. So, I have been adding his fruit into it, and letting him go for it. I pretend it's dessert, and first he has to eat some of his meal as well. I think he thinks he's special, getting dessert after all three meals.
Tomorrow the DiSH turns 40, and I've got quite the day planned. Mr. Smarty Pants is going to babysit, and the DiSH and I are going to go shopping in a quaint little town, eat at the Liberal Cup restaurant that he has been to before, and has mentioned I would love, and THEN, my favorite thing planned: throwing a quilt on the grass in the park next to the river, and just laying there. No chasing a baby, no watching the watch (to an extent) no nothing! We can even nap if we want! I can't wait. And then tomorrow night, I have invited friends and family to come for a campfire, s'mores and a s'mores pie. yum! Of course, I won't have any. Maybe just one marshmallow.
The sun is out, after most of the day being rainy. We are going to have summer-like temps for the rest of the week/end, and that's awesome. Father's Day may include mini-golfing, since Dad golfs for free.
Now I must go, Little Man has drawn all over his arm with a pen. Is it bedtime yet?!


  1. You are proud and busy! Tell the DiSH Happy Birthday for me!!




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