Thursday, June 3, 2010

oh my bloomin' heart

This is my Peony plant.
I have had it for 6-7 years.
The DiSH's father gave it to me, from his own plants.
I have moved it 3 times in those years, trying to find the right spot for it.
It has never ever bloomed.
Look close.
Do you see the blossom??!

I am very happy!

My father-in-law passed away 5 summers ago.
Every time I look for new shoots in the spring, every time I protect it from dogs and 2 year old's, every picture I take of it, makes me think of him.
This plant lives on in his honor!
I can't wait for that flower to bloom.
You know I'll post many pictures when it does!!


  1. OMG this made me so happy. I LOVE peonies. I cant wait to see it bloom! Do you promise to show more pics?! YAY!! SO sweet that you took care of it for so long and patiently waited. Love it.

  2. Uh Lisa, that is a marijuana plant!!! Kidding! The leaves do look similar. I have a hydrangea bush that was my G'pa Troy's. My mom got a cutting, later gave me a cutting when we first got married, I took a cutting from that bush and now have a beautiful bush full of hydrangeas here at this house.

    I hope it blooms for you! I remember how happy it made me when mine actually bloomed. Sweet memories they produce of those we love/d!

  3. Oh Lisa it is going to be so pretty!! Yay for you! I love flowers. I am so excited because i planted some tomatoes, bell peppers and banana peppers in containers and I now have itty bitty tomatoes and peppers. We always have them in the garden but I wanted to do this myself so I used containers. I am with Tara. I love Hydrangeas too. Gorgeous.

  4. I LOVE peonies! I had one at outr old house, but it never bloomed.

  5. I just picked some Peonies and put them on my table...beautiful! Can't wait to see the pictures. :) I love how plants can remind us of people or times in our lives. My garden talks to me (and not in the crazy way, just in whispered memories). I have daisies from our wedding, a rose my husband's mother gave us before she passed away, an aster my mom gave me, plants that have been through different moves,or that I bought for different reasons, and on and on. I think it's one of the things I love the most about gardening.

  6. I love peonies! They are just beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it blooms! :)

    Have a great weekend Lisa!!


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