Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a song for today

I know it's not Music Monday with Tara but this song is just speaking to me today and I have to share.
First, this is why I was listening to it to begin with.
This week I popped my head in my 15 year old's room just to see what was up.
On his bed was his Bible, open. I asked him if he was doing homework.
He replied, "no, just lookin' up Bible verses and listening to music."
"oh, what music?" I asked.
He then proceeded to tell me that he had just spent some time removing music from his computer that he felt wasn't right to listen to. We talked a bit longer about that, and when I realized tears were welling up inside, I nonchalantly made my way to the bathroom, where I let a few fall, in the midst of a "thank you Lord" prayer! When your teenage son makes this kind of decision all on his own, it's so rewarding. I guess we are doing something right!
I had told him I liked the song that was playing during our talk, and the next morning a copy of the Selah songs he liked was on the kitchen table for me.
I was listening to it this morning while taking care of laundry, and that is when I heard this song for the first time.

I hope it speaks to you in some way today.


  1. What an awesome post. It made me cry. I completely could feel every emotion as I was reading this post. It is so awesome when our kids make decisions on their own to do the right thing. I love that song too!!!!

  2. Great song. I listened while I cooked dinner. Great example you have set before Mr. Smarty Pants. Y'all have done it right and I know it makes you proud.

  3. That is so sweet & special! And, I love Selah too.


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