Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

Here is my beautiful peony that I told you about HERE. I ended up cutting it and putting it in a vase with other flowers that had been growing around the yard, because it was going to rain hard, and I knew the rain would pummel the poor flower to pieces! So we enjoyed it for a few more days on the kitchen table. I am going to get a cut from another Peony that is at my mom's house. I gave it to her 16 years ago, when I was pregnant with Mr. Smarty Pants. It is a darker pink. I think I am obsessed with peonies. Even thinking of redoing my blog look to incorporate the pics!
The above pictures are of the DiSH on his 40th birthday. He and I took the day and went ALONE to a small town not far from here. We shopped, ate, and then relaxed together next to the river. The "self-portrait" of the two of us isn't the greatest, but the point is, we had fun trying to get a good shot!  His brother bought him a nice hammock from L.L. Bean, and Girly Girl sure does love it!  The "40" hat is making it's rounds in the family...last year it was worn by the DiSH's brother, now the DiSH. Next March, my sister-in-law and myself will turn 40, but we have vowed to make sure the hat "disappears"! ha! Little Man loved it, and ran around the house wearing it for a day or two.
Thanks for all of your kind words after yesterday's POST. I am trying to do and feel better about food choices. It is such a struggle. ALL day long. But through Him, I can do all things. This included. :)

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  1. I love all of the pictures and I love peonies too! I think we need one of those hammocks!


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