Tuesday, May 11, 2010

By George, Three Winners!

So, I do believe I owe someone a little gift for guessing correctly where I went for my Mother's Day weekend! But guess what? Three of you commented, all three of you guessed right, and so I have three little gifts for all three of you! TARA, CHRISTY, and JAMIE all guessed right, that I went to the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, ME! And you guys were all so close in the times you guessed, that that just gave me warm fuzzies, and although Tara was officially the first, I just know she won't mind at all that I'm just pickin' all three of ya! So, please email me your addresses, and I'll send you your prize! Mind you, I don't have a lot right now, so this seriously is a little gift, but I think you'll still smile when you open it. 

I had a terrific weekend. It never ceases to amaze me how the RMH can refresh me, energize me, open my eyes to the world around me, and make me realize how precious my Little Man is. On Friday night, a couple arrived that had just spent the whole day next to their 5 month old's bed in the ICU, due to an almost fatal case of SIDS. The dad had peeked in on his sleeping baby, only to find him blue and not breathing. He gave the baby CPR until the EMT's arrived, and then he was rushed to the hospital. By the end of the night, the baby was breathing on his own again, and was showing no signs of brain damage. This couple were only visiting from out of state. There stay at the RMH was the absolute last thing they expected to be doing. I gave them a tour of the house, and the mom was just crying with first exhaustion, and second, with wonder at all that the House would do for them in their time of need. They had a two year old at Grandma and Grandpa's, so they loved watching Little Man run around! Talking to them, sharing our story, hearing theirs, is all I needed for Mother's Day. A Connection. A way to help, and make a difference. Paying it forward never felt so good. I was tired when we arrived home on Sunday evening (the beds there are awful, unfortunately! What do YOU think of Number Beds?!), but filled with a sense of peace that I only ever really receive after being there. We are going to go back in August. I already can't wait.

While down in Portland, we had a chance to take Little Man to see Curious George Live! The RMH had tickets, and after asking all families if they wanted the tickets, and seeing that no one did, the head director told us to use them ourselves. That was an unexpected treat! I must say, 2 years old is a little young to sit that still that long, so we didn't stay through the whole show. But he did pretty good, considering! He REALLY REALLY wanted to go on stage with George!! "I go down there? I go see George?" It was fun. I was thankful for my two older kids, being willing to help me out, and go sit and watch George.

I am sad Mother's Day is over, and I am trying to pretend that every day is Mother's Day. :) It truly is actually. I love my life, and what each and every new day brings!


  1. You're so sweet and cute!
    I hope the sweet, little baby and his family will be okay. I cannot imagine having to do CPR on your own baby. Sounds like you were just as blessed as the ones that you blessed.

  2. That story gave me cold chills! I know your family is such a blessing to the people in need who pass through those doors. Y'all deserved the tickets to see George and glad Little Man enjoyed it.

    BTW, you really don't have to send me any thing. I just wanted the satisfaction of knowing I was right. LOL

  3. wow! what a wonderful opportunity you and your family took and gave to minister to others. i think that is the best mother's day story i have read so far. you truly are living to be a blessing!! i love that last picture of you and Caleb!! It is so precious!!!

  4. I loved your post. I'm glad you can see through the trial you went through, and be there to help someone else through it. I know they were lucky to have had you there this weekend.


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