Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother, lovin' Mother's Day

So, it's Mother's Day Weekend, just about! I love this holiday. I love that there is a day that my kids are reminded to show their appreciation for me! They are reminded by more than just the calendar too. Oh yeah, I lay it on thick. :) My daughter never ceases to amaze and surprise me with homemade cards, and little gifts. My oldest will say, "mom, I don't have a gift, so what do you want?" I used to let that bother me, thinking, come on kid, you don't ask me what I want! You should know! But seriously, why would a 15 year old boy know what I want as a present?! So, I take full advantage of that, and say, "oh I don't know! How about a shoulder rub, then an hour or so of you watching Little Man, followed by picking up all of the toys that are on the floor, and then just sit by me and talk. Kay?" I love it!! haha! And then of course there is Little Man, and how looking at him everyday for the last 2+ years has just made everyday Mother's Day in a whole new way. We are not going to be home for the weekend, going away somewhere special. Do you know where?? Where do I just love to go for a weekend? Hmm? If you are the first to guess right, then I' you a little gift! Yeah! I really will! I don't know what it will be, because I just thought of that idea. I'm in a gifty mood. Today I made cupcakes, and then because I didn't want 2 dozen beautiful cupcakes staring me in the face saying Eat me, Eat me, I took them over to my kids' school and gave them to the students in each of my kids' class. Fun! So anyway, I hope you have a great weekend, enjoy the weather, enjoy your kids, your friend's kids, your mom, your mom's mom! Happy Mother's Day!


  1. RMH (Ronald McDonald House)!!

  2. I just wanted to be the first to guess right or wrong!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  3. I knew it was Ronald McDonald House too!! I remembered it from a past post you did right before your surgery. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day weekend!! :)

  4. I remembered that you were going to RMH too. That is a VERY special place to spend Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day!!


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