Tuesday, May 18, 2010

S, S, M Tu and a Plan

My week since my last post, day by day...

Saturday ~ went to church, but left early because Little Man was a little terror, and after chasing him through the sanctuary during the offering, carrying him out screaming, I decided I would never get anything out of the sermon anyway, so let's go! After his nap, we went to the DiSH's brother's house for his birthday party. There were 4 couples, and 9 kids. One of those kids was Girly Girl, she's 11. The rest were all 5 and under. AHH! It was crazy. But fun!

Sunday ~ Pine Car Derby at my kids' school. Girly Girl raced, and did really well! This is a yearly fund raiser, still raising money for a new playground. The kids get sponsors to race. We raised over $2000! GG won 3rd for Best In Show with her car. After the derby, we headed to some of our best friends' to celebrate their 3 year old's birthday. It was just our two families and lots of fun. They too have three kids, all the same ages as mine. I call them our perfect fit family. :) After that, GG and I went to another friend of mine, where my mom and sisters were too, for the Survivor Finale! It was so much fun. We ate haystacks, brownie bites and cherry Pepsi. I was happy that Sandra won. ;)

Monday ~ wow....I'm drawing a blank on the day before today. That's bad. I'm going to keep typing until I remember what I did yesterday. Hmmmmmmmmm......okay, I think I just stayed home all day! Yeah, that's what I did. The DiSH went to work on my mom's porch for a while, and I caught up on some laundry. My sister was subbing at school, so I went over there with Little Man to visit for a bit, at recess time. LM didn't take a nap yesterday, so at 7pm he went to bed so fast. Watched the CBS line up last night, and laughed at Rules Of Engagement!

Today ~ I babysat two of my nephews while my sister is taking a review class this week for her state board nursing exam in June. "J" is 3 and "I" is 9. Little Man loved having playmates all day. Just before supper, sister number 2 calls and says "what's for supper?" She was too lazy tired to cook at her house. ;) So she came over with her two boys (hubby was working late) and brought more tortilla shells and cheese and we made cheese quesadilla's for the kids, and then we ate burritos stuffed with mexican rice, beans, cheese, sourcream, fried zuchinni and salsa. Yummo.  Little Man went to bed fast again, and now I am on one end of the couch blogging, while the DiSH is watching show number 2, NCIS Los Angeles, and then we will watch The Good Wife together. My sister and I think that show should be called The Good Wife, Mother, Friend, Lawyer, etc!!

Tomorrow is a new day, and it's supposed to be rainy. I think I will finish my laundry, teach Little Man a few more numbers (he can count to 12 so well!) dance and sing to Disney's Silly Songs cd, make some new pot holders, make cream cheese balls for supper, and do some Wii Fit. Sounds like a good plan!


  1. Sounds like you had a great week. We used to do a pinewood derby for many years. It was really a lot of fun to watch the kids race their cars that Aaron and them made together. They won alot. Aaron was pretty good at making cars race fast! I think he did a lot of studying online to learn all of the tricks. It must have worked! :)

  2. Sounds like you've been a busy Mommy too!

  3. You have been busy... Makes me feel like I should get up and do something..but... think I will read some more blogs first.. hehee

  4. It has been a while since I visited. Your blog looks really nice and different than when I remember last.


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