Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Man's Visitor

Little Man saw his Nanny today. He loves it when family comes to visit. Nanny was in town to pick up Little Man's cousin Jakie after school. Tomorrow Jakie is turning seven. A special day is even better when Nanny takes you out to let you pick out your own birthday present, and also get an ice cream cone! She was early, and because we live right around the corner from the school, she stopped in. Little Man showed her his Legos, and shared his Bear. He crawled on Mama and turned my face with his little boy hands as I was talking to Nanny..."Mommy, where's Sissah?" "She's at school, Baby. She will be home soon." After the visit, Little Man went to the open kitchen window to say not one, not two, but at least 10 good-byes to his Nanny.
LM: "Good bye Nanny"
Nanny: "Good bye Little Man!"
LM: "I love you Nanny"
Nanny: "I love you too Little Man!"
LM: "Don't worry."
Nanny: "Um, okay!"
After the visit we were on to take care of Princess some more....we think she sprained her paw, and today she has been limping and not moving a lot. Daddy is home now though, and he is icing her leg, and giving her plenty of TLC. If she is not better in the morning, we will take her to the vet and pray that they understand we cannot pay for a lot all in one day. So please pray tonight for Princess. Little Man did. :)


  1. LM sounds so sweet!
    Did you read my little post about Big Daddy thinking that we need a family pet?? Vet bills are one more reason why I'm not allowing a pet right now. We're paying for college, saving for college x2 and I just don't want another person to take care of.
    I hope Princess is feeling better soon.

  2. Awww how sweet... Sounds like Nanny and LM have a wonderful relationship... Will pray for Princess. Also check between her toes for ticks and burrs. Alot of the limping dogs I saw where simple burrs between the toes...


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