Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's summer time in Maine! (and a doggie update)

Welcome to my Summer Look. :) I still need to research other fonts besides what Blogger offers (wish they had a lot more!) but for now, I'm happy with my summer look. I also will update the pictures on the sidebars soon...need to take some new family photos!
It's hot here again, another great pool day! Little Man freaked me out yesterday when I took him out to the pool for the first time. Our pool is a 4 1/2 feet deep, big above ground pool that a lady from church graciously GAVE us 2 summers ago. The DiSH built some great stairs that you climb to the ladder. As we headed out, LM climbed right up the stairs, and was so excited to finally be allowed to do so, and seeing his brother and sister already in the pool, that he didn't pause for one second, and when he reached the top stair, he just JUMPED in! No hesitation whatsoever. I think I aged about 10 years in that split second. Thankfully, Girly Girl was right there, and when she heard me screech, she turned and skillfully and with a look of surprise on her face, she caught him! The shock of the cold water had him crying fast though, and he wanted out! It was scary, but funny at the same time. We do NOT have a gate of any kind on the steps....YET. That is something I am requiring of the DiSH to do today. We are also going to my mom's to retrieve a small kiddie pool that she never uses, so that LM can swim and get wet as he likes. He wanted to just sit on the edge of the big pool with his feet in the water, but I didn't want him to get used to doing that, plus I didn't feel like sitting there with him! No, I didn't swim, it wasn't quite warm enough for me! Maybe today...
Princess is doing much better today. The last I wrote was that she was limping and not using her right front leg at all. Yesterday she laid around all day, but we kept putting ice on it. I called the vet and the soonest they could see her would be today at 1:45pm. We have been praying about her, and what to do, because money is very VERY tight. I am thinking that it is a good thing the appt. wasn't until today, because I just may cancel it. She is doing so much better. Walking on it, without much of a limp at all. And the swelling has gone way down. Thank you for your prayers for my doggie!


  1. Oh man water stories with kids always freak me out. I am a nut case when my kids are around water...probably because I can't swim very well at awesome that you daughter caught him like that! It sounds like one of those situations where you freak and then it's hard to not laugh because of his reaction. I always laugh at the wrong times, hysterical laughter, so I probably would have after seeing his reaction to the cold water knowing that he was okay.

    So glad your dog is doing better...I know about the feeling of wanting to take them to the vet, but not having enough funds. Plus, just like with kids, by the time you set the appointment and take them in they are usually doing much better and bouncing off the walls in the waiting room. Ha, ha! :)

  2. We're going to try and get a pool this weekend. Glad Princess is feeling better!

  3. I wish we had a pool! I am glad Princess is doing better, and I love love love the new look! YAY Summer! :)

  4. I know I have commented on this post before but I don't see it here. I am glad your dog is better and I hear you on the scared thing. Did you guys get a gate up for it?


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