Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm going bananas

A year and a half ago, I began this blog. My second post was about BANANAS and the power they hold.
If you haven't read that post, go take a peek, because the pictures to follow won't make sense if you don't. I'll wait.....

Done? Okay! So now, enjoy these pictures of Little Man with a banana today! They still are a favorite of his, and now he wants to hold it "big with the pillin's still on". My baby is growing up. And I don't like it. Nope. I don't. 

Some of the things Little Man is saying these days:
when I ask him to come, or to do something:  I CAN'T WANT TO!

after Friday, when our new washing machine and dryer arrived: YOU GOT A NEW SHEEN MOMMY?

talking about our dog: PINCESS IS MY FRIEND. I WUV HER.

whenever I put on my coat and/or shoes: YOU GOIN' TO COLLEGE MOMMY? no Little Man, I'm not...YOU GOIN' SHOPPIN' MOMMY? no, not shopping either. YOU TAKIN' PINCESS TO POOP?

when we are outside, and I had to tell him to not walk near the dog's bathroom area: WHY MOMMY? because there is doggy poop over there and you might step in it. OH.......(long pause).....YUCKY POOP DOG. I DON'T LIKE POOP DOG.

and then the very latest: WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? ..................and on and on and on....

a few updates on my life: today is my last day of physical therapy. my back/leg feel completely normal, and i am getting used to not lifting things over 25 pounds. Little Man weighs 27 pounds, so he first climbs in a chair and then I can pick him up from there. I am so happy to be feeling myself again!!  The DiSH still isn't working. He did a few days for the Census Bureau, and still could get a call to do more, but it's not much. Today though, he went to give a quote to an Aunt about her roof. She wants a metal one. So hopefully that works out. He is also waiting to hear if he will be working with one of my brother's-in-law for a while. More on that later. Mr. Smarty Pants went to basketball camp a few weekends ago and LOVED it. It was a school-sponsored event. We are building a new room in the basement for him over the next few weeks. His room will become Little Man's room because LM's room is now my laundry room. So there's lots of work to do around here! Too bad the DiSH couldn't get paid for the work he does here! :) Girly Girl is doing well too, reading A LOT lately. I am so glad. She is anxious for school to be done for the year on June 11, because it looks like next year we are going to homeschool her. That too, is another whole post!

For now though, I must go study. Only four more weeks, I think, and I'm done my 3rd semester. Can't believe it. I am so glad I decided to go back to school, and at this part-time pace. It has been good for me in so many ways. Until next post.........


  1. Love the updates...Your 'baby' is so adorable! Mine are big on bananas around here too, I buy three big bundles every weekend...looks like I have monkeys at home! ;) Exciting (?) about homeschooling your daughter...I am planning on homeschooling my kids. Can't wait to read your post on it.

  2. Hey Lisa! Congrats on the end of your 3rd semester soon. I started this program 4 years ago, and I have 6 days of class left! It does fly by! Promise!

    I'm interested in why you are home-schooling next year! good for you guys. Your baby is making me hungry with that banana and I just can't get over his eyelashes! I hope DiSH finds work soon! I just know it will work out.

  3. My husband was out of work for a couple months. that was a very difficult time! I hope he finds something good soon. Also, I CAN'T WANT TO! I'm totally going to start telling people that. Boss: Here's an extra assignment I should be doing myself but I'm going to give it to you: Me: I CAN'T WANT TO!!!!


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