Monday, September 29, 2008

The Power of A Banana!

Today I discovered how powerful a piece of fruit can be. Caleb, my 9 month old, was determined to keep me from vacuuming the living room. He had other things in mind, such as crawling in my way, crawling too far away, whining, crying, throwing little tantrums, just whatever he could do to get Mommy to come to him! For some, a simple thing like vacuuming is no big deal. But for me, it didn't look like it would ever happen! I had to come up with something, and quickly before the neighbors decided to investigate the screaming baby sounds that could probably be heard a mile away! So into the high-chair he went....Caleb instantly stopped crying, looking at me expectantly. I still wasn't sure of what would happen next. I looked around the kitchen and spotted the bananas....too ripe my 14 and 9 year old said. Perfect! Cutting it in half, I handed him a piece. Magic! He held it, squeezed it, then tasted it. He smiled at me, his face clearly saying thank you! For the next 30 minutes, I was free! I counted the bananas I have left, calculating that the two sitting in the fruit bowl will last four more days, so I must plan carefully which jobs the power of a banana will allow me to get finished!

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  1. I also love the bananas! They, and any other foods my little man can eat himself, are lifesavers! What a great story!


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