Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Short but Sweet

It's late...just wanted to post a little G'Nite from me! I also wanted to see my new signature on my new look. :) Anyone who feels like helping me out with using different fonts other than what blogger offers, I will love you forever. :)


  1. Awww love the new blog look! I have been MIA so I am just now seeing it. I wish I could help with the fonts.....I need help too! lol~ Good night!

  2. I am of no help, but I think it looks great too! I can't even figure out how to do a signature! haha

  3. Lisa, have you checked out the new blogger templates? Go to the bottom of your dashboard page and look at the links at the very bottom. Click on the one that says blogger in draft. I love it. I haven't used it on Mom's peace bites, but for other blogs I build.


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