Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Boo Hoo. It's not fair. Humph. Waaa.

The DiSH is out bowling without me.
 He made some new friends at the Census training, and they invited him to go bowling with them tonight. I'm home, moaning and groaning for many reasons. Number 1, I wanna gooo!
Number 2, if he's going out to do something fun, I should be with him, not strangers!
Number 3, I need some adult interaction, BAD!
Number 4, I am in pain, and S.I.C.K.  O.F.  I.T.
I'm being a big baby, I know. Truthfully, I am happy that he is out doing something for himself! He came home early today, and asked me, not for permission to go, because we don't roll like that, but instead, asked me if I needed him to stay home and would I mind if he went out for a couple of hours. It is very rare that we do stuff like that without being together! I think what just sort of started the pouting session I'm in, is that I missed a Girl's Night out last night with my two sisters and a friend that is like a sister, because of this dumb back pain.
So anyway, I pout. I whine. Alone. Humph. Anybody wanna have a Pity Party for me? I'll come!


  1. Big Daddy's at the gym and I'm home alone with the girls. I really wanted to go shopping this week, but with Maggie's cough and runny nose and Ellie's ear infections, I'm at home. Needless to say, he didn't think about me NEEDING to get out of the house. WAAAA!!!

  2. Hey! OMG I am loving the new look of your blog! I bet you are having a hard time just being at home....and being out of commission, I would struggle too...POUT PARTY is totally justified. I am sorry, but this too shall pass and you will be 100% very soon. Just take your time getting there!! Spring is on its way and you will be healed and back to normal soon~ ((HUGS)))

  3. If I lived close enough I would have one with you. I need adult interaction also!!

  4. ((((HUGS)))))

    I am sorry that you are so bummed but you will be out bowling with the DISH before you know it. :)


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