Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Don't Want Any Cheese With My Whine, Thank you.

Slowest week ever.
I have not been farther than my mailbox, twice, in 10 days. Not that I can't go anywhere, I just know that grocery shopping would be too much, all that walking. And people have been busy and have lives, so visiting anyone is out. I don't know about going to church this week. I actually teach the littlest kids, along with my sister. She has been teaching the class for me the last couple of weeks. I just don't think I could do it. There's lots of bending!
The DiSH says my incision looks great. I can't see it! And if I try and look in the mirror, it is too much twisting. He took a picture of it, but I WON'T be sharing it here. It's not pretty. Purple and green bruises never are! I see the neurologist on Tuesday, and can't wait. I have tons of questions about things he did or didn't do during surgery. And the PT should start soon after.
Okay, so I'm done whining. I promise. Between this post and the last, I guess I've done enough of that! It's Thursday after all, and I should be thinking Thankful thoughts, right?!
Thankful for: warmish weather in Maine, and no snow on the ground. Spring is in the air!
Thankful for: the DiSH working, at least this week.
Thankful for: Little Man taking a nap in my bed because I can't lift him into his, and he STAYS there!
Thankful for: hot coffee handed to me before he left.
Thankful for: the ability to move at all.
Thankful for: this blog and all of you that read it!
No need to pass the cheese, I'm done whining! And instantly feel better after being thankful. :)


  1. I've been feeling awful this week. All I really want to do is whine, but I'm trying not to and to just keep it al to myself. Hope you're feeling better SO soon!

  2. i am so glad you are feeling more yourself. I will be waiting to find out what the doc says.

  3. Lisa, I've been reading your blog and am glad you are feeling better, and hope soon you will be at your best!! Don't worry about whining...I seem to remember you telling me once that this was the place to do it, since we, the readers, CARE!!!! Thinking of you.....
    P.S. I know I need to update my blog!! I will soon...

  4. Being thankful usually helps me because we could be much worse off. Hope you are feeling better with each passing day. I was thinking about you this morning as I cleaned house. I bet Caleb misses his mommy holding him.

  5. I feel like it has been forever since I have been able to stop by and visit. It is quite amazing how much better we feel sometimes when we stop to realize what we are thankful for. It at least lessens the whining for awhile sometimes. :) Hope you are feeling better now!!


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