Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tired of Poop!

Diapers, diapers, DIAPERS! Comin' out my ears. I hate them. Buying them, storing them, changing them, just all of it. I have actually thought about how much longer I need to be dealing with them! Let's see...Little Man is 2 years, 2 months and oh, about 2 weeks old. My oldest son was potty-trained in one week, and he was about 30 months old. My daughter... a little faster, she was 27 months old. So, if I potty-train Little Man this summer, he will be 30 months old. I think it's doable, because he is already very aware of when anyone goes potty, he goes with me EVERY single time I go, he hides when he poops (was a BIG sign that my oldest was ready) and he tells me when his butt burns (too much juice). When we get up in the morning and his diaper weighs 20 lbs., he also tells me "change me mama!" There are about five more months before Little Man reaches 30 months. And at 3 boxes approx. every 6 weeks, that's....oh, I hate math....I don't know, 20 more boxes?? And each box (Luvs) costs $17 times 20 boxes = (wait, need a calculator)...$340 until Potty Trained! I know, I'm crazy. Free diapers would be nice right about now. And guess what? I know about a GIVEAWAY for just that!!! Yep, my good friend Shana at Blaze 'n' Crochet is having a Giveaway that I'm giddy about. I WANT TO WIN.

Three Cheers for Pampers! And Shana...and only five more months of changing diapers....and for GIVEAWAYS! Go visit SHANA okay?? She has LOTS of Giveaways, and they all rock. 

OH man......gotta go change a diaper........UUGGHH!


  1. Aww, thanks Lisa! I am so over the diapers too. I keep adding it up. We go through a box every 2 weeks and that is $40 a month and if we potty train Blaze by August when he will be 3 that is 6 more months, 6 times $40 is $240. Wow. Blaze is showing some signs and is finally getting what he is doing I think. We shall see.

  2. Not looking forward to potty-training at all! Andrew watches us, is starting to tell us when by grabbing his diaper and hides to poop. Yesterday he went and brought the potty into the bonus room. I think I'm going to start trying in a week or two. I want to get it over and done with ASAP.

  3. I am not looking forward to potty training at all! That is one mommy lesson that I could skip if that were at all possible. :)

  4. One more reason for me not to have anymore, right? I like cloth diapers SO much more than disposable, but diapers are diapers and they just stink.


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