Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Thankful It's Friday...too!

A few followers have named their posts today, almost the same title: Thank God it's Friday! I feel that way too today. Even though I have not left my house for 11 days, I actually have plans to this weekend! At my children's school on Sunday, there is a Pampered Chef party that I'm excited about. If my children make the most sales, they get a NEW pair of sneakers from New Balance! Cool, huh? Do YOU use Pampered Chef products? Well if you do, and you'd like to order something, let me know, because we can take outside orders from anywhere! The magic of online shopping. :) Anyway, I may also try going to church. We'll see. The DiSH may take Little Man to his class, and then come home so I can enjoy the sermon. We don't have a children's church or nursery, so if Little Man goes to church with me, I must keep him entertained and quiet in the sanctuary with us. At that point, he has already been in his class and in the Praise and Sing time and all of the preliminary's before the sermon begins for 2 hours, so usually one of us goes home with him. We only live 1/2 mile from church, so that's easy. But we'll see. You know how after you've been sick, or in the hospital and you see people for the first time, how everybody asks the same question: How ARE you? I don't like all of the attention! I guess there has to be a first though! But I am thankful it's Friday.
I haven't shared a photo with you in a bit, and so decided to today. Here are a few of my faves. :)
            One of my favorites, even though the pillow is upside down!
This Magna Doodle is a hand-me-down from Girly Girl, and boy o boy doesn't Little Man love it! He plays with it EVERYDAY. 
He draws "this" everyday too. Do you know what it is?!
Why, it's a Spider of course! 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm super-impressed with Caleb's spider!! Maggie went through a MAJOR spider drawing phase!
    I hope church is great on Saturday and that it doesn't wear you out too much.
    We've had a much better day today. Thanks for your prayers.
    Oh, I might be interested in something from Pampered Chef too.

  2. He does awesome drawing on that magna doodle. I mean that is great! Maybe I need to get Jacob one of those. I know he definitely is not there with drawing yet. One of these might help.


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