Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catching Up...

What??! It's Thursday? And my last post was Friday! Oops! Sorry about that peeps. :)

It's been a good week. It really has. Saturday, I didn't go to church, staying home just one more time while I am healing. Remember, I wasn't sure about stairs just yet, and church has stairs. That afternoon though, my sister and her family came over, and we had a great time. Ate good food, and played a fun game. Sunday, I went to the Pampered Chef fund-raising party at the school my kids go to. It is a fundraiser for my son's class. There are six of them, and they are raising money to go to Washington DC in May. My son is very excited! He's never been to our country's capitol. If YOU would like to order something from Pampered Chef and have your order help my son's fundraiser, please CLICK HERE.
The host's name is Carolee Hand. She told me to tell online orderers that at checkout, you will be asked if this is for a hosted party. Click on that, and put in the box "Riverview/Mikayla". My daughter is selling because she wants the prize for most sales: New Balance Sneakers! For questions, you can contact Carolee. I don't think I would be able to help you. Her email address is on her homepage. Tell her Lisa sent you! Thank you in advance. I personally love Pampered Chef!  So anyway, that was a fun party, with lots of yummy food! It was good to get out and see people! When I got home, the DiSH and I took the baby outside. He just walked around, picking up sticks and rocks, just having a good time in the fresh air.
On Monday, I didn't really do anything.
Then Tuesday. This was my post-op visit to my new best friend, Dr. Awesome. :) He looked at the incision site and was pleased. He asked me a bunch of questions, all of which he was also pleased with my answers. When he asked me if I was still taking narcotics, I told him NO, they had made me sick, so I only took them for 6 days. He was really pleased then! No chance of a prescription pain-killer junkie here! My next visit with him is in 3 months. Yay! After that, the DiSH and I just felt like celebrating. He has been able to get some hours in with the Census Bureau paid-training, AND we finished our taxes and the return looks good! So, we went to Ruby Tuesdays. I love the salad bar, and lately I have been eating vegetarian when eating out, I just get grossed out by too many reality tv shows on what goes on in restaurant kitchens, and how meat is prepared, etc. Ruby Tuesdays is very vegetarian friendly! Little Man was such a good boy! He is growing up, that's for sure. Sat there and ate daddy's french fries and grapes from the salad bar, 2 hours past nap time, and just be-bopped to the music!
Wednesday, the DiSH and Mr. Smarty Pants went skiing up to Sugarloaf Mountain USA. It had been 20 years since my husband has skied! But he had a great time, and better yet, he and our eldest had a great day together. They were wiped out when they got home!
Girly Girl hasn't been feeling well this week. Sore throat, headaches. I think we need to get her eyes checked. It is still hard for me to grasp onto the idea that my little baby girl is 11. Growing up too fast.
Today, I am going to go over the my kids' school and a teacher there is going to proctor some A&P tests that I missed because of my surgery. And then my two sisters and I need to practice a song that we are going to sing at a funeral on Saturday afternoon. A dad-like gentleman that we grew up living next door to, died a couple of weeks ago, due to cancer. Very sad. But we feel honored to be asked to sing. Then tonight is Survivor! Yes! Gotta get my Boston Rob fix. :)
So there's an update on what's going on while I'm At Home!!


  1. I've missed you over the past week, but I knew you were busy getting better. I can't wait until you are 100% again and we can hear about all of the cleaning that you're catching up on!!

  2. Yay it sounds like things are going well and you are able to get up and moving around some. I am so happy for you!!

  3. you have had a busy week...sounds like you are healing well so that is awesome.

    You asked about school. Dmitry is in the sixth grade and this is his first year in home school. It's been pretty good but it is an adjustment on both sides. We just planned on one year but Dmitry really likes the freedom and feels like he gets to see his friends more and do more stuff so he wants to continue. I don't know if I can handle high school when it gets here but for now he is going to home school. Good Luck!


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