Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's supposed to hit maybe, just maybe, 60 degrees today! I am soo lovin' this early spring we've got going on! Maybe it means we will have a real summer as well. Last year, it rained all summer, and was cold the rest of the time! No real hot days that I remember. Having a pool, we want heat! The high temps are the only good thing outside though...other than that, it's so brown and icky. Piles of dirty snow still, dead everything. I can't rake yet. I haven't been approved to do any exercising. I started PT on Monday, and it went very well. The stretches she taught me make me feel so good afterward. I haven't been really moving much since my surgery, so I was getting very stiff. So 6 weeks of PT twice a week, and then approved for more exercising. My primary care doctor is Mrs. Awesome by the way. Well, she's not married to Mr. Awesome, but they both just are! I saw her yesterday, just to touch base since my surgery, and we have a plan. I will tell you all about that soon. I am excited about the next year, but not until day 1, on Saturday. It's my birthday Saturday, and girls (any guys reading??), I'll be 39. YUCK. I am trying not to cry. Anyway, I think I'm deathly afraid of turning 40, so I decided I needed a plan for the next year. I am scheming and planning, and hopefully will stick to what I want to do.
I may post another post later, with pics of Little Man and me outside yesterday. We spent an hour alone, and it was great. I just may do it again today. The DiSH is still home, not working yet. He has been doing a little training here and there for the Census Bureau, and that has been helping. Tax return is coming soon, and that will be a big help as well. I can see though, that this not working bit is starting to really get to his head. Thinking bad things about himself I think. Not good. A man needs to work. Needs to feel like he is doing his part, taking care of the family, and the DiSH is missing that. I don't feel like he's not taking care of us, but try and tell him that. Anyway, I know God has a plan, and we need patience. And faith. And trust. He also has struggled with his own personal relationship with God, and I think God is trying to speak to him. I could be wrong. Maybe just hopeful. Time will tell.
Happy St. Patty's day!! Are YOU wearing green?! I am!


  1. 39 isn't going to be that bad!!! I'm already feeling stressed that I'll be 33 in August. Aren't we silly?!
    I'll be praying that the DiSH gets a great job soon.

  2. Glad you are making strides and feeling better! 31 in August here and I think 30 was hard for me but with everything that happened to Penny, it took my mind off turning another year older.

    Some days I feel useless and think maybe I could help out our family more by getting a job outside the home. But then, I think about never getting these days back to raise Andrew and I know this is where I'm supposed to be. Good luck to The DiSH.

  3. It is warming up here too but it does still not look so good. You are right everything is still brown. I can't wait for the pretty colors to start arriving. That is a fun part of spring.

    You have a birthday coming up? I hope it is your best one yet!!! I am glad that you are up and getting around some. Hopefully, it will all just keep getting better and better and your DISH will be led to that job that God is preparing just for him. Hope you have a great day!


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