Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Opened My Mouth

Have you ever said too much, and wish so bad you could take back what you said? Well I have. Here on my blog, I have actually done the opposite, I haven't said much about the job situation with the DiSH. But IRL (in real life) I have said too much, and now I need to go back and undo it. Here's what I'm talking about. One and a half weeks ago, the DiSH got a job. It was working for a tomato plant. Seemed like a good job. The hours were good and would work well with our family schedule. The pay though, was NOT enough. But we looked at it as God's plan, and he would take care of us. They told my husband they would call him. Well, they didn't. But big mouth me, in that time, I told people, HE GOT A JOB! I really thought he had. I was confused by a letter they sent home with him that made it look like he was hired. My husband also shared with me that there were conflicts with the weekend schedule. We go to church on Saturdays. And we don't work on that day. Our belief is, that it's the Lord's day, and He asks us to rest on that day, 6 days shalt thou work. Of course if it's a hospital job, fire fighter, in other words a job where servicing others saves their lives, then of course, that's important. So anyway, a friend of ours DID get the job, and started working there Monday. Right off, they told her to expect more Saturdays then originally told. And, the was told the day ends at 3pm, but really, they were to stay until 4pm. Her sister went to pick her up at 3, and she waited for an hour. My friend wasn't even allowed to use the phone to just quickly call her sister and let her know. So, the DiSH did not start working today as many of my IRL friends and family think. I have learned to keep my mouth shut until something is more permanent! We are okay right now, thanks to a great person that is helping us out. I shall say no more!! :) Again, it's working out, because until I get this herniated disk thing taken care of, I really need my hubby here. This morning he made french toast. Mmmm! Oh, and I was still in bed. I'm a happy camper. On a completely different note, I take my first A&P exam tonight...I'm a bit nervousgbiugtftkop (Little Man just helped, sorry), so I am hitting the library for a few hours this afternoon...there are comfy chairs there, and the DiSH is here with the baby!! The older two are at Art Clinic until Saturday night. It's a good day. :)


  1. Doesn't that just bite. It is good though in the ways you said but I do still pray he will find something. Good luck on your test.

  2. Sorry to hear that. God must have something better in His plan and you get a little help while you really need it.

  3. I think we've all opened out mouths too soon but I've learned that nothing is set in stone until it actually happens and it could still change then. Obviously it wasn't supposed to be so maybe that great job will come along soon. In His time...


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