Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Taking No for an Answer

I was my own advocate today. I did what I don't normally do, and didn't stop until I got the answers I wanted. I usually just sit back, and listen to people that must be wiser than me....after all, they're the ones with a PHD, right? Well, I hadn't heard for over a week from my doctor or a surgeon about a consult. And my back isn't any better. I have some good moments, where I question whether or not I'm going crazy. But then it will hit, and I remember the MRI doesn't lie. So today, I called. And called some more. Finally, after a few hours and waiting in between calls, I got the answer I wanted. Next Wednesday, I finally will see a surgeon. And I can't wait for someone to tell me they are going to fix me. I did too much today. Vacuumed A LOT. And bending at the dishwasher hurts!! My wonderful husband washed all the windows for me. Thankfully we have the type that tilt in, so there's no going outside! With a two year old that likes to touch, lick, and kiss the windows, and a dog that does the exact same things, the windows can always use a good cleaning! We are having company over tomorrow after church, so today as soon as the windows were clean, I shut the shades. No chance for Little Man and Big Dog to mess them up just yet! Gotta go for now, I'm in the middle of making big blueberry muffins with my own home grown blueberries. Mmmmm!!


  1. I hope you get some answers and relief whatever the decision is. Ohhh Andrew loves blueberries. We just bought him two big containers at the grocery store tonight...well make that Mamaw did.

  2. I hope you get some help for your pain soon! I wash windows A LOT!
    It's hard to be your own advocate. I really told everyone (doctors & midwives)what I wanted when I was pregnant with Ellie and I didn't worry one bit if I was stepping on toes. It's hard to do, but sometimes we are the only ones we can depend on.

  3. Glad you are finally going to get some answers. I also completely understand the window


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