Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Potty Mouth

I am going to class within the hour. That Christmas break went by way too fast. I am anxious about class, and not really in a good way. I am nervous about all of the sitting I have to do, and how much sitting hurts these days! So I'm going to leave early so I can get a back seat in the room, so if I need to stand I can. It's A&P two, and the first thing we are studying is special senses. Should be interesting.
Still no job on the home front. Everyone we know is letting the DiSH know about any little thing they see advertised or posted, and he is jumping on all opportunities. He even applied for a job in NC this morning, what do you think about that Jamie and Tara?! We are ready and willing to do anything we need to in order to take care of our kids. We've always talked about moving south, sort of a dream. So we shall see! It doesn't mean he isn't still trying hard to find a job here. This home is all my kids have every known. We moved here when Mr. Smarty Pants was 15 mos. old. He is now 15 YEARS old! My husband moved all of the place as a kid, never really called any one place HOME. I on the other hand grew up in the house my parents still live in. They bought it when I was 6. It means a lot to go HOME, still, to this day. I want that for my kids! I know too though, that moving would not harm them. We are a very close family and it would be an adventure!
My behind still hurts. hahhaa, that made me laugh right out loud. Not that that is need-to-know info, but for those faithful readers, you might wanna know, right?!
Little Man has been saying "uh-uh" and shaking his head no-no all day. Not sure what he is saying that for! Right now he is playing with a toilet that goes with Girly Girl's dollhouse set....but here's the boy way to play with a toy potty...he's "drinking" from it, and laughing! He is passing it around, saying "you turn momma, you turn dadda!" then he takes a drink and says "that's gooood!hahah!!!" too silly.
So I leave you with that potty story, and my butt news, and how life seems full of nothing but Poop! (I think the "S" word fits better, but I don't swear! or at least I try not to.) :)


  1. That Calwb is a mess! Of course, Tara and I would love to have you here in NC, but I hope things work out for you in Maine. Mike is increasingly unhappy at his job, but thankful to be employed. He is looking for things in the area.
    Hope your behind is better soon, sweet friend!

  2. Of course, we would LOVE to have you here!I am always encouraging friends to move here because it is a great place to live and I could always use more friends☺ I also know how hard it is to be away from family too, though.

    I have been thinking about you today. Around lunchtime, I started having a terrible pain shooting from like my hip down into my be-hind! I managed to still workout but it is killer. It could just be a pinched nerve,idk. Caleb sounds like Andrew wanting everybody to eat and drink from whatever he brings.

  3. you can move to Georgia!! I wold be thrilled if some of the friends I have online lived closer. I can just picture little man doing the no no thing. Adorable.

  4. You seem to be in better spirits in this post Lisa! You made me smile several times. I am still praying that your DISH finds that job that God has specially designed for him, wherever it may be.
    I love it when babies start teasing and being silly. It is so cute and really shows theire personality. I would drink from that potty anyday. LOL


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