Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Love....

There are many things I love about October...
The Bluest of Blue Skies....

Delicious, bright red Apples....

Big flashy orange Pumpkins....

But I think my favorite things about October are the MUMS....

You see, 18 years ago today, I had a baby.
His name is Tyler.
He came way too early.
He was born at 24 weeks.
A miscarriage because they said he actually died in utero, probably at 22 weeks.
A stillbirth because I went through labor and delivery.

He made me a Mum. He is the one that first put into my heart, that love only a mother can feel.
"How very softly
 you tiptoed into my world
Only a moment you stayed
But what an imprint
your footprints
have left on my

I miss you my firstborn.
I love you my child.
Love, your Mum.


  1. How sweet and precious! You will see him again one day soon!

  2. I came over here to thank you for your prayers. But you had to make me cry. That is ok though. I lost a baby in 99. It didn't go that long but it doesn't matter how long to me. That was still my baby. I am so sorry for your loss and will pray for you.

  3. Nice page Lis. (even though it made me cry). We'll hold our babies in heaven. I lost my first pregnancy at 9 weeks, which isn't long, but there was a heart beat which means life. We named that baby Cory. I'll hold Cory someday.
    Love ya!

  4. When I read this I cried too. I lost my first child in Jan 85 I was never allowed to talk about it or have someone to share that lose with. As my other children got older I often wondered what my first would have been like. I did share with the other 2 as they became old enough to understand and we are looking forward to the day when God takes us all home with Him and we will have this other person to raise in heaven.

  5. oh wow! My heart! You will see him when you get to heaven.Stopping by from Tara's.Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful family! Please stop by

  6. Oh goodness you got me all teary eyed. What a beautiful post.

  7. What a beautiful post. I love October too. Thank you for sharing your loss with us....(((HUGS))) I know you will hold your baby one day..I have mums on our porch, and I now I wil think of you and your little one when I look at them.

  8. I'm just know reading because yesterday was CRAZY. I think you had told me about Tyler before. This is such a beautiful post.
    ((Big Hugs))


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