Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling Alone and Knowing What To Do About It....

I love Music Monday. Tara at Keeping Up With The Kellys does this post pretty much every Monday, and I don't think of it until that day comes, and I am visiting her blog. She shared a great song should go listen. Her song got me thinking. Or really, just made me think MORE on something that has been on my mind all weekend. It's scary to feel alone. It's really scary to feel alone, when there are people all around you. I hate that feeling. But for reasons unknown to me, I have perfected the look of  "I'm fine" when in all actuality, I am not. And here is when I am especially thankful for my Heavenly Father. He knows that the smile I am faking is not real. He knows my hurt. He sees my tears that only fall behind closed doors. And the part that helps me to begin to feel not so alone, is when I think about how He hurts with me. He cries with me.  He loves me, and does not want me to feel alone. My earthly relationships are nothing in comparison to the relationship I desire to have with Him. When people fail me, I should not feel alone. Because He is there. And He knows how I feel. I want to feel Him next to me today. I don't want to feel alone. My song is "Draw Me Close". I hope you listen, and I hope you feel Him close to you today too.


  1. Thanks for sharing....I like that song! I think it is so very obvious that a lot of us are hurting even though we are truly blessed. He is with us and we just have to have faith and lean on him. He will never leave us nor forsake us....

  2. What a beautiful song. Thanks for posting that. My boys loved the pictures. :)


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