Thursday, October 22, 2009

While Mom's Away, The Kids Will......Dance!!

A Big heartfelt thank you and a big cyberspace ((HUG)) from me to you for reading, crying, commenting and caring over my last post. I love you all my friends! Today is a new day! 

Monday, I went to school. Because of my school schedule, and the DiSH's work schedule, about 30 minutes were overlapped, so that meant Mr. Smarty Pants was in charge. He does a GREAT job. He really takes good care of Little Man and Girly Girl. The next day, while putting my latest pictures from my camera onto my computer, I came across the video I am sharing with you now. I guess While Mom's Away, The Kids....Dance!! See for yourself.....

It made me smile, it made me laugh. It was JUST what I needed on the day I was remembering our loss of our first child all those years ago. I love my kids. They are so awesome. People have asked me before if I like the space between their ages (15, 10, 22mos.). Why would I ever say No?! I know that when each child was born, it was perfect for us. I had 4 1/2 wonderful years with Mr. Smarty Pants before Girly Girl came along. He started school soon after, and I had each day with her, just Mommy and Me. When Little Man was born, my older two were mature enough, helpful enough and understanding enough to be able to handle a new little brother that spend the first month of his life in the hospital. See? Perfect! And now, I have a built-in babysitter. :) Two actually, because Girly Girl is a born little mother. So okay, the DiSH and I will be "OLD" when the nest is empty, but I'm glad! And by the time Little Man is grown, hopefully Mr. Smarty Pants will be starting his family, and I'll be a, gulp, grandmother and can do it all over again. :)
Enjoy a child today. Yours, your grandchild, neice, nephew or a friend's child! They are a gift from God!


  1. Andrew enjoyed that...well, I did too!

  2. Oh I loved that video!! I love the way your older son acts with the younger ones too and it was so funny when Caleb would bend over for her to smack his booty. Too cute! I will be old when my nest is empty too and that is just fine with me!

  3. I visiting from Tara's after her great recommendation for you. My two kids are four years apart and I enjoy the age difference too.
    Sounds like you have a wonderful family!

  4. Cute video. I think that age space is awesome too. Each child had your undivided attention. That is awesome and you have a great babysitter. Popped over from Tara's blog to say hi and it is nice to meet you.
    Beautiful famiy.


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