Friday, August 21, 2009

So much on my Mind!!

Wow, how things sure can change in 7 days! It has been crazy here while "I'm At Home" , and some days I like it, but other days I can't keep up and feel like I have no control, and I don't like that so much! It has finally been HOT here in the NorthEast, really HOT! I have not complained. Okay, I complained one day. Just one! We have been in the pool a lot, and have had good friends over, grillin', eating blueberries straight from my big tall high bush blueberry bushes, watching movies at night, and just being together these last few weeks before the kids are back in school. I know that some of you are already dealing with the "back to school" thing. I am amazed actually, at how early it started for some of you! The first day of school here is August 31. My prayers have been answered (remember this post?)in many ways, but most prominently right now concerning school. I had not really blogged a whole lot about my worries/concerns as far as being able to afford the tuition at the small christian school my kids have attended. But the constant prayer was there. This week the funds came through. Completely. For both kids. I can breathe easily now, knowing that God really does want them there! So school shopping is happening fast, with the first day of school approaching just as fast!
I have started baby-sitting too. So a little more money is coming in, and that's helping a lot. He's 2 1/2, and really cute. Little Man loves to play with him, but mostly he just watches "T" play! I need to come up with a blog name for him, because I will probably be telling you a lot about the happenings of Little Man and his new buddy! How about that? Little Buddy. Little Man and Little Buddy. That sounds good I think. :)
I start school as well next week. I am soooooooooooooooooooooo nervous. The classes I am taking are Intro. to Health Information and Technology and Anatomy & Physiology. I am going to be studying a lot, in between diapers, potting training, volunteering 12+ hours a month at the kids' school (in order to help pay off the tuition), AND, I am going to be my husband's secretary to his new business. This is the big thing that has changed in the last 7 days. The DiSH has been in business with a friend for two years now, but this week they decided to disolve the business. The experience has been good, great actually, and he learned a thing or two about how he is going to run his business. Thankfully, he and his friend are still that...friends. They are parting ways professionally, and will still be supportive of each other. Just in the past day, I have seen a weight lifted off of the DiSH's shoulders, and he has a new spring in his step. We have prayed together about this, and in our prayers, we say "our feet Lord, YOUR path". I have a peace in my heart about this decision. Sure I am scared, hopeful, a little bit worried about jobs coming in, but I am thanking Him for what He has provided for our little family and for what I know He will continue to provide.
I am also learning not to let the little things get in the way of the bigger picture. On August 1, a 34 year old girl was in a boating/tubing accident and one week later she died. She was one of my sister's best friends. Same age. They both have kids the same age. She woke up one morning with a plan to spend the day at a lake with friends and family, and bam, it was over in an instant. My sister traveled to MA for the funeral, and it was a very solemn week for her. Through it all though, she has seen the importance of LOVE in relationships. FORGIVENESS. TIME. CLOSENESS. And right along with her, I have felt this too. I want to to continue to do what I am here on this earth to do, and that's to be like Him, in all I do, so as to hasten His promised return. I know I get a little spiritual in the end of a lot of posts. I can't help it! :) Talking about my Best Friend Jesus is just so easy to do!
I must go for now though, I am being a bit lazy on a Friday morning, avoiding dishes, laundry, putting babies down for naps, and groceries still need to be bought! I am also supposed to be helping my mom design her blog.....she owns a quilting business and I am happy that she has decided to have a blog, high-lighting her work! When it is ready, I will most definitely direct you that way!! If you love quilts, love TO quilt, or know anyone that does, you will enjoy her blog!
That's all for now folks. Have a great day!!!


  1. So glad for the update. COngrats to The DiSH on his new venture! I have a feeling God is going to bless your family in an unexpected way. You are so faithful to him and demonstrate his love through your blog so I know you do it in your daily life.

  2. Sounds like there's a lot going on up there! I'm so glad that all of your needs are being met. You are such a good wife and mom. I know "C" is going to love playing with his new playmate. Maggie starts preschool in two weeks!


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