Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wordy Little Buddy

I've been wanting to write out a list of all the words that Little Man can say now, at 18 months old. He talks a LOT! Everyday it seems like he says a new word. I cannot express enough, to my oldest two how important it is to watch what they say! And, ahem, his daddy too. Daddy doesn't swear, he just thinks its funny to teach him the more vulgar words. I have to admit, it IS sorta funny, when he points to his own, and says Boobies!! I just hope he's not still doing that when he's 10! A lot of his words, only I can understand. He also says some words the same, but I know in what context he is saying them. I love that only I can do that. Doesn't feel selfish to say that. It doesn't feel wrong to bold and italicize my I! It is my privilege as his "Mummy". That connection starts so young, with being able to understand which cry means what. My name is said over and over each day, like a broken record. But you know what? It's okay! It's my favorite record. :) I hear it when he's hungry, sounding so full of hunger pains, MumMumMum! I hear it when he's mad, wants his way, is frustrated and upset, MUMMY! I hear it when he's hurt, that cry out to me, saying I need you, Mommaaaaaa. I hear it when he's happy, the sing-song sound of Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! I hear it when he's tired, half asleep in my arms, as we rock each night, Mummmmmy.....zzzz. I picture my Father loving the sound of His name when I call out to Him as well. He does not sigh with impatience when I cry and whine about the same thing over and over again. He says what I say to my Little Man, I AM HERE. He smiles too, when He hears His name in sing-song, when I praise Him for my life. He holds my hand when I cry out in pain, and He too smiles softly at me, even when I fall asleep at night, in the middle of talking to Him. I have the best Role Model ever. I can be the best Mummy ever to my Little Man, because I have the best-ever Father to look up to.

This list isn't to brag, isn't to compare with others that are Little Man's age. I simply didn't want to forget what he has accomplished so far in his little life. And in writing this, it has been a great reflection of what I have learned in MY life, and how blessed I am to be able to learn more.

  1. baby
  2. water wa-wa
  3. Bear beer ( it is so cute, how he says "beer!" when holding his best pal, Bear!)
  4. bottle bubba
  5. mummy
  6. dadda
  7. sister sissah
  8. joey
  9. joshie (this is my sister's youngest, but he calls all 3 of her boys this name!)
  10. nanny
  11. papa
  12. Elmo Almo
  13. jackie (Jack is Nanny and Papa's little Maltese)
  14. colby co-bee ( this is his cousin that is 13 days younger; they have so much fun!)
  15. eat
  16. rainin'
  17. happy
  18. rocky
  19. night night
  20. hi
  21. bye
  22. boo
  23. door doe-ah
  24. run
  25. go
  26. come
  27. walk
  28. balloon boon
  29. butt
  30. peepee
  31. ewww
  32. shoe(s)
  33. book
  34. mine
  35. car car-ee (when he plays with matchbox cars, he lovingly calls them this)
  36. outside side
  37. dirt
  38. movie
  39. ride
  40. ball ball-ee (same here as with cars!)
  41. phone phome ( he LOVES phones, ALL phones!)
  42. cheese
  43. coffee fockie. oops.
  44. cookie cockie. oops again.
  45. cracker ca-ca
  46. bubble
  47. chipmunk munk (a "munk" lives near our firepit. ) :)
  48. see
  49. fire
  50. yucky
  51. peek
  52. bird
  53. fish fisssy
  54. keys
  55. owie
  56. apple bapple
  57. banana nana
  58. yummy
  59. doggie
  60. kitty
  61. ducky
  62. tickle tee-koo (tickles himself, and gets mad if the onsie prevents finding his belly!)
  63. guitar do (he says "do" as he plays his brother's guitar, because it sounds like do, dee doo!)
  64. please pease
  65. thank you tank ooo
  66. eyes
  67. nose
  68. ear
  69. boobie (naughty daddy)
  70. button butt (leave out the "on"!)
  71. boat butt (like in the movie Nemo!)
  72. flower fwowah (we're in Maine, so therefore the absence of the R!)
  73. nice
  74. no
  75. NO
  76. NO!!! (notice there is no YES in this list.....((sigh)) !!)

I hope you all had a great weekend! It is, surprise surprise, RAINING here again today. Yesterday was a nice day. We spent the day in Freeport, at the Northern New England Campmeeting of SDA's. I saw many old school pals, and relatives I haven't seen in years! There was a special meeting in the afternoon, honoring some of the teachers within the SDA school system, and Mr. Smarty Pant's teacher got Teacher of the Year! He is a good friend as well, so we were very happy for him. A lot of people from our home church were there to support him, and he felt very blessed. Last night, we had a campfire, and my parents (Nanny and Papa) came. Girly Girl is not here, she is staying at Campmeeting all week, with my sister and her family. They have many meetings for all of the kids, and my sister and her husband are on the team that teaches GG's age group. They have 3 meetings a day, and the theme for the week is Know Him, Show Him. They are focusing on learning to know Jesus, and learning to share Him too. GG wanted to stay soooo bad. So, we packed her up, and she's gone! I know she will have a blast. I am going to get her on Friday. I think as a surprise, I am going to give her room a real good cleaning this week! It has gotten a little out of hand, and I know she feels over-whelmed. If I do this, what would be a good incentive for her to keep it that way for the rest of the summer at least?

Thank you for reading this Loooooong post! Now go write one, so I can read about you!!


  1. Lisa, reading Little Man's words made me tear up a bit. I miss my babies! They're big and musty now and think they know it all (lol).

  2. I made a list like this when Maggie was around 18 months old. So sweet!!


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