Monday, June 29, 2009

Ahh! Not Me! Monday again. If you'd like to join and are not sure of the rules, visit MckMama, read her Not Me's, and in her post you'll see a link to read the original rules.
My week has NOT been a real depressing week. It has NOT rained every stinkin' day for 9 days straight. I am NOT going crazy, I am NOT wishing I could go outside, point at the sky and demand the sun to show it's bright face! I am NOT trying to think of things the kids and I can do that don't cost anything. I am NOT trying to think of places we can go that a 14 year old, and an 18 month old will get the same enjoyment out of, that is INSIDE! I am NOT thinking that a simple visit to Walmart might do the trick, even if it means playing with toys that we won't end up buying. I am NOT missing Girly Girl this week, as she spends 6 days with her aunt and uncle, and three cousins away at camp. I am NOT thinking that a good inside thing to do would be to empty GG's room out, and she'd never know what she's missing! I did NOT add peas to Mr. Smarty Pant's soup yesterday, because he won't eat them otherwise. He loves the soup so much, that he dealt with the peas. I did NOT fall asleep rocking Little Man at 2am lastnight, and I most certainly did NOT grab him just in time, before he fell off of my lap. I did NOT buy the limited 4 boxes of Barberfoods stuffed chicken breasts because they were 1/2 price, and then come home and send the DiSH back to the store to buy 4 more boxes. I did NOT just decide I need to finish this post NOW, because the DiSH just drove in, and if he sees I'm still on this computer, I'll get the LOOK!! Bye!

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  1. LOLOL!!! Believe it or not, your Not Me Mondays are the only ones I read now (smile). I looove the last one. I usually jump off the computer when hubby comes home also unless I'm actually working, but I'm usually blog browsing (tee-hee).
    I remember almost dropping my little one also. Wouldn't that be a good picture to share the reality of Motherhood? What mom hasn't done that?
    Have a great weekend! I always enjoy dropping by your bloghome.


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