Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunny days and good food!

It's unbelievable how a sunny day can turn me sunny feeling as well! It has rained so much here in the NorthEast, that I really thought we might need to build an ark soon. I don't have much hope for my garden. I think the seeds may have swam away. The broccoli and tomatoes went in as seedlings, and so far, seem okay. I hope so! I wanted to try and make my own speghetti sauce this year. And we all love broccoli, it won't last long once it's ready! Want a really good broccoli recipe? Wasn't my plan to add it to this post, but I can! It's super yummy. All you do is take about three big heads of broccoli and cut it up into florets. No need to go really small, you want it to be snack size. Then take a bottle of Ken's SteakHouse Italian Dressing and Marinade, and in a big container, put the two ingredients. We use a 9x13 size baking dish that has a cover. After putting it in the dish, we flip it around, covering the broccoli well. Put it in the frig, and in about 2 hours or so, flip it again. Wait another hour or more, and then eat!! It's so yummy. It's even better the second day. A good "salad" to take to bbq's! Enjoy!

Okay, now onto the rest of my post! First, before I forget, do any of you guys have annoying issues when trying to add a photo to your post? When I add a photo, it always appears above my post, no matter what. Moving it around my words, is so annoying. Sometimes I can't move them at all. Getting the dressing and the broccoli to sit where they are up there was not easy!!

Anyway, I starte this post with words about sun. A big deal today here in Central Maine! It came out last night around 5 or so. We just had to go out, and stay out!! And today it has finally been hot! I even got in the pool!!! It was cold, but so nice! Little Man loves the water. Loves loves it. I love it when I feel so sunny inside! The world is good. Things could be better, they could ALWAYS be better! But today, sitting here, feeling refreshed from cool waters, warm from the light, and safe with my family, Life Is Good. Enjoy some pictures of my family outside! Mr. Smarty Pants is absent, he had his first babysitting gig today!! For my sister. And he had a lawn to mow as well. Rakin' in the bucks!!


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful day! Hope tomorrow is just as terrific. I have the same trouble with pictures, btw. I also need to figure out how to "sign" my name. Let me know if you figure out the picture thing! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have thought a lot about the gift idea. I will mention it to her tomorrow night when she gets home from camp. I think it really helped me. :) I miss them and can't wait til they are home! Your kids are so cute! bye.

  2. Glad you're having some sunshine! caleb is getting so big!!

  3. Hey Lisa! Do you know how to click on the edit HTML button when you are writing a post? You can choose Compose or Edit HTML. After you upload your photo and it defaults to the top of your post you can click on Edit HTML and highlight the code for the photo then right click on it and click on cut and then click in your post where you want the photo to be then right click again and click on paste and it will paste the photo code where you want it. That is the easiest way to move a photo. It's much easier than trying to drag a photo to the bottom of a post.

  4. Thank goodness for sunny days! It's been so hot here, everyone is staying inside! Looks like you guys had a good time. Did it start raining again?

  5. Oh yea, thanks for the recipe. We love broccoli also, so I'll definitely be trying it.


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