Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Walk Down (Dad's) Memory Lane

This is my first time participating in "A Walk Down Memory Lane" , but I thought it would be fun! If you want to do the same, visit Erica to see how.

So there's my Picture below.... That's my grandmother, holding my father, in 1951. My grandmother passed away in September of 2008, and I miss her terribly. I look at old pictures of her a lot. I have many of them on my computer, because I made a slideshow for her funeral. She was a beautiful person. Isn't my dad a cutie?! Maybe next time I'll post a picture of him now. He just turned 59. There's my walk down memory lane, although I really wasn't even there!! ha!


  1. I love the pictures! I have some beautiful pics of my grandmother but need a way to get them on my computer. Great wordless wednesday post. Thanks for the compliment too on our yard but it is our front yard. Our back yard is like 4 acres and 3 of that is pasture. it is very wide open and that is why I like living here. Our driveway is like a quarter mile long so I don't worry about Blaze getting to the road and don't normally ahve an issue with pets going either. We live on 11 acres total.

  2. OH wow, I didn't even know you'd DONE a Memory Lane post! You forgot to link up on my page so I'd know. Glad I found it!!!

    Great post. Thanks so much for joining me on my walk. =0)


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