Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gimpin' Along

Have you heard of Gimp? I hadn't until my oh-so-smart 14 year old sent me a link, and then sat by my side this morning and walked me through it a little! I would L-O-V-E to have Photoshop. But can't afford it. So Mr. SP told me about Gimp. It's free, just a quick download from the internet. I don't have a fancy-schmancy camera (again, can't afford it!) so I usually just settle for what my small digital camera can do. Which isn't much. I want so badly to be able to blur!!! This program allows me to work with my photos in many many ways. So anyway, here's what I worked on some this morning. Beware, it's nothing special, but it was fun, and I at least, see the differences!! This is the before:

The After!


  1. Oh I'll have to check it out! Thanks for passing along the info. Just from the title, I thought somebody had gotten hurt.

  2. Very nice! You can also use it is a lot like photoshop

  3. Cool! I downloaded a program called Picasa and it's pretty cool. It does allow you to blur, and it's free!

    I like the 'header buttons' you added to your site.

    hey, do you want me to try to scoot the white margins in a little so the flowers on the edges show slightly more? We have some room to play with it on the two outter side borders.

    let me know if you want me to try that.



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