Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Not Me's...

It's Not Me! Monday, and I will again join MckMama.
I will share my Not Me's, even though sometimes they make me feel like crap. :)
If you want to join, first go read MckMama's blog to get the real idea of what we are doing!

1) I did NOT go to a wedding yesterday and I did NOT sit next to a girl at the reception that did NOT talk non-stop throughout the whole meal, and I did NOT silently wish she would just shut up and let me eat!
2) I did NOT count the number of school days left on the calendar this morning, and most certainly did NOT say Oh Shoot...when I realized there were only 8 more days left until they are home all summer!
3) I did NOT take the phone off the hook this morning, even though we do have caller ID, because I did NOT not (!) want to talk to people, and have them wonder why someone with caller ID would STILL screen calls. :)
4) I did NOT get flustered last night when after all 3 children were finally in bed, and I sat down with the laptop, the DiSH got up from his recliner to sit next to me on the couch. I did NOT think to myself, Man! I just want to read some blogs! Why must he choose now to cuddle?! I in NO WAY did that, not me.

What did you NOT do that you're willing to share?!


  1. I hate it when that when you are confined next to the talker in economy class on the flight to LA...ha! We can't afford to fly to LA, but I'm just sayin', I can feel your pain!

    Happy Not Me Monday,

  2. #1 and #4 are definitely NOT me! Great list!

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you, too! I have caller ID and still screen my calls as well. =0)

  4. And wanted to also invite you to stop by Five Moms & A Blog when you get bored. We're just five Christian Moms having fun over there! Never a dull moment!

    ~Erica (again)


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