Friday, May 29, 2009

S M I L E !

I hope you smile a lot today! It is something so easy for us to do. And it makes such a big difference to the person that gets that smile! Little Man is learning to smile on cue. See? Smile Little Man!! Cheeeeese!!! (of course now, whenever you say 'say cheese', he runs to the frig) Smiles are free...give a few away today!!


  1. Too bad we live so far apart....we could def. do playdates with our little fellas.

  2. How precious! Toby and I were just discussing tonight what a great smile Colby has! Aren't 17 month olds great???

  3. Most definetely Tara! That would be so fun. :)Well, my husband has it in him that someday we will move to NC! It should be soon though, because Andrew and Caleb may not appreciate playdates when they are 18! ha!

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by and comenting on my post. The vaccine question is a big thing for me too as I have 2 nephews on the Austism Spectrum. Luckily I had a pediatrician who was more than willing to work with me and listened to my concerns. The advantage to waiting till after he is two for the others is that is kicks out some vaccines and he only has to get one of some that he would have had to get 4 or 5 of if he had started them earlier. he has been mostly healthy though and I think we are blessed. I think nursing him may have had a lot to do with that but I am not overly crazy with sterilizing everything and don't go crazy with antibacterial stuff either. I think needs to be exposed to build an immunity. I also felt that waiting till 2 for the mmr was my best option because a lot of the argument on the whole mmr/autism thing is that that is the time period is when the autism starts to show up (18 months) so I decided if I wait till past that and he is normal then I would know if things changed dramatically after the mmr it would be irrefutable proof that it was the shot and not just his genetic makeup. Sorry to get so longwinded here. Love your post and you are so right about smiling and you boy is precious! Have a blessed day!


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