Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to Not Me's, and hating on my computer....

Just like MckMama, I'm posting my Not Me's today. Check out her blog to read LOTS of great stories and get to know a really great christian lady. She has been a great inspiration to me, and we don't even know each other! I can't wait to meet MckMama and all of her MSC's (many small children) in our forever home someday!

1. I guess my biggest thing I did NOT do was something I already posted about. It was when I DIDN'T lock Little Man in my van last week with the keys. It was a horrible experience, but it came and went!

2. I did NOT just eat the last pop tart, knowing that Mr. Smarty Pants wanted it when he got home from school today.

3. I did NOT just say a bad word at this computer because half way through my Not Me's, it decided to freeze up!

4. I did NOT decide that I don't have time to rewrite all of my Not Me's, and get busy in this house, so I am NOT saying goodbye right now, and am not pouting just a little bit because I love to blog and read blogs, and have no time to just sit and do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I did NOT laugh at number four because it sounds just like me (lol).


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