Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Need A Hide-a-Key, don't I?

I am drained. I am spent. I am tired. I am agitated. I am in disbelief. I thankful I can give that all to God and breathe a big sigh of relief! This morning, after quite a shopping experience with a good friend of mine, in Sam's Club and with 3 children, ages 2 and under, I did the unthinkable....the unacceptable....I locked my 16 month-old in my van WITH the keys, windows all rolled up. As soon as I shut the van door, I knew what I had done. Sure enough, looking through the tinted glass, I saw the car keys....lying on the seat, next to Little Man's carseat. The doors, all 5 of them, were locked up tight. When Little Man realized I wasn't opening my door after 20 seconds of buckling him in, he began to scream. And so did I, on the inside! Thankfully, I had NOT put my purse in the car yet, and so my cell phone and my Triple A card were in my possession. Quickly, I fumbled through my wallet, found the card, and called the number. Very hastily, I told the operator that answered that I had locked my toddler AND my keys into my car. She told me calmly (which I was desparately trying to stay myself) that she was putting this order in as top priority, and a tow truck would be there soon. After about 5 minutes, and being tortured by Little Man's screaming from his carseat, I called 911 as well. A really nice police officer arrived in about 2 minutes, and also calmly told me that he knew the tow truck was only about 1 minute away. Why did I call 911? Who knows. But he was nice, and stayed right with me until my baby was OUT! Just like he said, the tow truck guy arrived. He jumped out of his truck, wordlessly went around to the passenger side of the van, and in seconds, had the door open. Unbuckling a VERY sweaty and VERY upset Little Man, I graciously thanked these two kind gentlemen, gave LM some water, and sent up yet another prayer to my Heavenly Father for once again showing me He is always in control. As far as the feeling drained, spent, tired, agitated and in disbelief? It's more or less gone. :) Chalk one more up for the Mommy Guilt! :)


  1. OMGoodness...I am glad I am not the only one. I did this very same thing when my oldest was about the same age! Only I didn't have my purse or cell phone either, because they were locked in the van with my son. I can't say that I stayed calm, because I didn't, but I did meet some wonderful ladies that day. One who didn't have a cell phone but ran around the parking lot for me to find someone who did, and the lady who let me borrow her cell phone stayed with me and let me use her phone numerous times. She calmed me and reasurred me and was seriously an angel. I called road side assistants, and my husband and he actually made it to me faster then the tow truck and he was almost 40 minutes away (made it in about 20)! Thankfully it wasn't a hot day and after crying for a little while my son fell asleep. I still tear up just thinking about it, and I am paniced to this day that I will do it again, only this time I have 3 kids! Oh and I do have a hide-a-key...and it has saved me since then, not that I've locked my child in there again, but I've locked my self out with kids in hand. I don't know what my problem is with keys and cars but I have locked myself out more times then I can count!

  2. Bless your heart! I have more Mommy guilt too than you could ever imagine!

  3. So glad BOTH of you were alright. Don't have too much guilt - you handled it like a pro.

    Winks & Smiles,


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