Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, which never is!

If I don't add words, you'll be playing a guessing game!

Above is Mr. Smarty Pants and Girly Girl, fall of 1999.

This is me and Mr. Smarty Pants, September 1994. He was 1 month old. And I was 14 years younger!

My oldest...

Me with Girly Girl on my birthday, March 20, 2006.

Girly girl, as photographed by Mr. S. P., in summer of '06.

G.G. taking riding lessons for one summer in '06. A natural, the instructor said. Wondered if she had been taking ballet! Nope!

G.G.'s first cake she made alone, at age 8!

Love this one...look at the way she buttoned her sweater. :) Stop growing, Girly Girl!!

Me and mine, about 3 years ago. That's sparkling cider....we don't drink. ;)
Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past, pre-Little Man! Good days, happy times, but I am so thankful that we are even happier now!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy Wednesday and Thursday to you also! I enjoyed the pictures, especially the one with the oddly buttoned sweater (lol). By the way, you're STILL a very pretty woman! Age agrees with you quite well (smile).


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