Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip Stories

Happy Tuesday. :) I'm at home. I know, that's the blog name, but I really am at home! After a trip to NY for 4 days. Can anyone spell in one word, what riding in a car with a 16 month-old for 10+ hours would be? I can: "H E double- L". OMgosh! He was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I know in this picture, he looks so angelic: NOT. I have vowed to never leave my town again. Does anyone need a carseat, because I'm giving mine away! Little Man will never ride again! That's how bad it was. He just hates riding. Hates being buckled in. Threw every toy and book we gave him, hitting his big sister in the head more than once. It seemed like I was constantly trying to shove food into his mouth just to make him STOP! Sunday night, when we were about 2 hours from home, he finally, fell asleep. I did a naughty, and I took him out of his seat, and held him tight. He cried hysterically, and then would laugh uncontrollably. I swear I watched him go insane! Now at our destination, he was fine! Loved the hotel!
He loved the pool with Daddy (good thing the DiSH only reads my blog when I prompt him to, because he'd be a little bit agitated I do believe, if he saw that I put him on the internet in the pool!)
That's Mr. Smarty Pants in motion behind the DiSH....cool, huh?!

We saw great friends from High School over the weekend, and it was mentioned that it felt more like a family reunion than a high school reunion. Our graduating class numbered 32, and 17 of us showed up this past weekend. Not bad. :) It is a church school, Seventh-day Adventist to be exact. I found it very interesting that one of THE first questions that someone asked after literally only minutes of being together was, "who still goes to church?" This was asked by a guy that does not go anymore. I noticed right away that the question was greatly avoided by some, but quickly answered by others. You guessed it, those that don't go, didn't answer. Those that do, were not ashamed to say so. I thought a lot about that whole scenario as the weekend progressed. It didn't bother me that not everyone still goes to church. It sure does NOT mean that they are atheists! I've heard people say that they need church. I've heard others say it doesn't matter what day they worship on, or where they worship. For me I think it's like this: I say and do the things I do because I am a christian. I am not a christian because of the things I say and do. Does that make sense? It's in my head, but getting it out is hard! I love Jesus. So I try and live my life for Him. The "Jesus" part, the "christian" part comes first. The rest follows. For me, its that simple. The formula that is! Not necessarily all the steps it takes to get there! It is a daily struggle for sure. As was the riding with Little Man, in the car for 10+ hours! I made it through it, so did he and the rest of the fam, and now we can sit relaxed, look at pictures of the weekend, and breathe easily. :)

I will end with some pictures from the Corning Glass Works Museum in Corning, NY. We did this on Friday with the kids. What a neat place. Enjoy some of my favorite glass pieces....


  1. Sorry things were so bad!
    Maybe you can make a litle money off of that car seat!

  2. Andrew does ok for about 2 hours and then he's had enough of being buckled in. Lesson learned for you, right? I wouldn't even have the nerve to try it once.

  3. Bless Little Man's heart! My younger sister went through the same thing with her young one, Sydni. Sydni would cry and yell to the point of throwing up. My sister would call me frantically begging me to help her get home - mind you I was almost three hours away from her. She hated traveling with Sydni and only did it when necessary. Lisa, I'm glad you survived. Bless YOUR heart. I have to be honest though, this post was HILARIOUS especially with you posting all the cute, precious pics of Little Man (LOL).

  4. I too can laugh.....now! Yesterday we ventured out to the grocery store...we really needed to on Monday, but I was still in that "going to sell the carseat" frame of mind! So yesterday I actually found myself holding my breath when I leaned him into the seat...he smiled. Yeah. Little Bugger.

  5. Great blog, Lisa. I have to ask you something, because I think after reading your comments about the Christian aspect of the reunion, your opinion would be valuable.
    First, I have to say that the landscaping at the school was immaculate, and it's no wonder that the groundskeeper received the loudest round of applause during the part of the service where people were thanked for their contribution to the weekend. I was very impressed when I drove up to the campus AND as I walked along the path from the boys' dorm to the church. It was beautiful.
    That being said, I felt a very different vibe this past weekend when I visited the dorm itself and observed and spoke with some of the students. The boys' dorm was in shambles. It just seemed to be in a very bad state of disrepair, and I know that has a lot to do with the lack of external (and internal) funding, but it struck me as odd, that compared to the campus, the dorms were so neglected. But that wasn't my main issue, I think that just emphasized the real problem for me.
    It seemed to me, and your observations may be completely different, that the values the faculty tried to instill in us 20 years ago, are no longer a priority at USA. I asked one of the boys if students are allowed to leave campus when they want, and he said that all they have to do is sign a sheet and they can hop in their vehicles go where they want, in any combination (girls and guys). He also told me they have cell-phones, tvs, dvd players, radios, etc. I asked him how that was possible and he said the new principle believes in "equal rights". I'm not sure I understand how a 14 year old should have the same freedoms as an adult. The whole idea behind paying thousands of dollars for a child to receive an SDA education is so that they are protected and educated in the SDA philosophies. If they are allowed to come and go as they please and have access to almost any secular material they want, I don't see the value of sending a child to USA. Or at least, I think the benefits to the child are greatly devalued.
    What are your thoughts on what you observed?


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