Monday, April 20, 2009

18 Wicked Awesome Years...

Tomorrow, is my 18th wedding anniversary. :)
Here are 18 reasons why I love the DiSH (Dear Sweet Husband, who is quite the dish!):

1. He gave me 3 beautiful children.

2. He doesn't mind living in Maine so I can live close to my parents and my 2 sisters and all the fam that goes along with them!

3. He cooks fabulously.

4. When he vaccums for me, he moves all pieces of furniture, vaccums walls, curtains, just EVERYTHING.

5. He buys me Just Because flowers not too often, but JUST when I need them.

6. He tells me I look good even when I know I darn well don't.

7. He rubs my feet almost everynight.

8. He has very sexy hands and arms.

9. He can build just about anything.

10. He is strong when I am not, and allows me to be strong when he is not.

11. He sings really awesome!

12. He is THE BEST Dad ever.

13. He is very generous and trustworthy, and many people trust him with their lives.

14. He is honest even when it hurts.

15. He has helped me grow from a 17 year old (how old I was when we met/began dating) big mama's baby, into the confident happy woman I am today.

16. He can drive through ANYTHING, and I feel soo safe.

17. He got a babysitter so we can go out to dinner!

18. I am in love with him, am forever falling more in love with him, and could be happy forever, living in his big strong sexy arms!


  1. Wow, I think I may be in love with him now too! ;) Kidding, ofcourse, but it's awesome to see a couple in love and in such admiration of each other after 18 years together. Kudos!

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking I might be in love with him too after #4. You shouldn't be doing such a good job of advertising him. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Lisa!!! WOW! Eighteen years. Thanks for keeping hope alive. Hope you guys have an awesome celebration and many more years of love and happiness.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Special Friend! Sounds like your husband istruly a DiSH!!

  5. How sweet. Happy Anniversary!

    Winks & Smiles,


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