Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20 years ago revisited

You know it's a great day when not one, but TWO sexy UPS guys come to the door with a package! I think one was in training, but they can train at my house anytime! They brought the GPS that my husband (sexier than the ups guys) ordered, just in time for our trip to NY. We are leaving tonight at midnight. Yeah, midnight. The plan there is for Little Man to sleeeeeep the biggest part of the trip, from midnight on. We are going to upstate NY, the small town of Union Springs to be exact. It is me and the DiSH's 20th high school alumni reunion. It is a christian boarding school that I attended for just one year, my senior year. The DiSH went there all four high school years. We will be there one day early, but I wanted as little stress as possible. And giving ourselves plenty of time is key! The hotel has an indoor heated pool and a gameroom, cable tv (no, we don't have cable tv, the kids would watch too much if we did) and free wi-fi, which Mr. Smarty Pants is happy about, having just bought a new laptop for himself! I can't wait to just get AWAY. I love my little house, my little town, and being close to family and lots of friends, but getting AWAY with just the DiSH and the kids is what I need right now. I can't wait to see friends from so long ago. Most of them I have probably not seen since graduation day! My best friend (who lives only 1 hour away) from 1st grade is also a member of my class, and another close friend that is actually family (married my husband's brother) will be there too, and to be honest, they are the ones I can't wait to see the most! ha! They both live within one hour from me, and here we are excited about driving 11 hours to spend time together! Too funny. Anyway, today I am doing lots of laundry, cooking muffins for the trip, and cleaning my house so I don't come home to a messy one. When the DiSH gets home from work, he is going to go to bed and try to get some sleep before driving driving driving!

Still praying hard for Stellan, things seem to be going well after his surgery yesterday. Also praying for another baby, Kayliegh. And still for April. I am saddened about these sick babys, but it is making me more appreciative for the little time that we actually spent in the NICU with Little Man, and for the uncomplicatedness of his time there. He is a busy 16 month old, and oh so healthy! Thank you God...

Today wasn't wordless Wednesday for me, instead I just wanted to keep you in the loop as to my where-abouts and what-fors and what-nots! Aren't you glad you visited?! :)


  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy the time away!

  2. Hope you have a safe and fun trip! I thought I was the only one who didn't have cable...what a relief!
    All the sick babies are making me so sad, too. Did you see what Mandy had to say about heir latest ultrasound in the VP group? I'm SO praying for her.

  3. Thanks girls! Can't wait to get outta here! yes Jamie, I am praying for Mandy very hard too. Man, some people just don't get a break, do they. She's an amazing woman. Talk to you guys later! :) oh, btw, it's supposed to reach the 80's here in the north this weekend! yahoo! I believe it will be the same in NY. What will your temps reach?!

  4. Yes, I'm happy I visited as I always am! Your trip sounds like sooo much fun and we (moms) always need to get AWAY sometimes. Enjoy yourself, Lisa. Can't wait to see pics of your trip.


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